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In this TestoPrime review, we aim to assess its efficacy in boosting levels of testosterone in the body. Find out just how well it performs below…

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Testosterone levels are a massive factor in your physical and mental wellbeing. Maintaining optimal levels, especially for men, is key to keeping your mind and body functioning as it needs to.

Testosterone plays a key role in building and maintaining muscle mass and bone density, in using body fat, and thus in maintaining healthy body composition, regulating your immune health, and in strength and athletic output. It also underlines various masculine traits, such as body hair and voice depth.

There is also an important mental health element to testosterone. It helps to regulate your emotional health, keep your mood heightened yet level, keep you energised and alert, and gives you the drive you need to get on with things.

Low testosterone levels can diminish all of these aspects of your health. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to keep them as high as you can naturally.

There are plenty of things you can do, including leading an active lifestyle, taking part in regular resistance training, eating a healthy, balanced diet, getting plenty of sleep, and supplementing well.

This last factor brings us to Testoprime, one of the best natural testosterone boosters on the market… and so – on to the full Testoprime review…

What Is TestoPrime?

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TestoPrime has been on the market for quite some time, staying at the top of the charts when it comes to natural testosterone supplements.

Taking it regularly should help to optimise your testosterone levels. Do note that it won’t spike them above what your body can naturally produce. This would be a job for exogenous testosterone. Rather, it helps your body to create an optimal natural amount of testosterone.

Though men and women will both benefit from optimised natural testosterone levels, testosterone is far more important to men’s health than women’s. For this reason, products like Testoprime will be far more important to men’s supplement regimes.

Frequent, daily intake of Testoprime will heighten the amount of testosterone that your body produces, that is released into your bloodstream for use. This will help you to get into a virtuous cycle of testosterone production.

In raising your levels like this, you will have more energy and greater athleticism. You will then be able to be more active, which in turn will further boost your testosterone levels, and on and on.

It will also ensure that your body uses this increased testosterone correctly and optimally whilst mitigating many of the side effects of low testosterone, boosting your energy levels, muscular strength, and libido, for instance. This will make it even easier to stay in that virtuous cycle.

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The Benefits of TestoPrime

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The benefits of taking TestoPrime are largely the same as the benefits of having and maintaining optimal testosterone levels, of course. If you take it in conjunction with an active lifestyle, including resistance training, a healthy, varied diet, and plenty of sleep, you should begin to feel these benefits quite profoundly.

Physically, taking TestoPrime and optimising your testosterone levels will make you stronger. It will improve your ability to create new muscle.

TestoPrime should also improve your circulation, meaning that improved blood flow will bring nutrients and oxygen more readily to your extremities.

Optimal testosterone levels should also improve your endurance and stamina. You will recover faster from physical exertion, with fewer aches, pains, and other fatigue symptoms.

You should be able to do this whilst keeping fat levels low. High testosterone levels have been linked to lower body fat levels and an increased fat burning potential.

It isn’t all athletic, of course. Optimal testosterone levels will improve sexual function, including the quality of erections in men, as well as heightening libido and sexual drive.

Age-related testosterone loss in one of the key reasons older men tend to be less sexually active than younger men, but we can reverse this with the right tools (including a supplement like TestoPrime).

Then there are mental health benefits to be gained from optimal testosterone levels.

Firstly, you will have more energy with improved testosterone output. As part of this, you will be more alert, with greater mental clarity and diminished brain fog. You will also likely find yourself experiencing an elevated mood, including diminished stress and anxiety symptoms – testosterone can mitigate cortisol’s presence.

As we’re about to see, everything that goes into TestoPrime is completely natural and well-tested. It contains no additives, colours, flavours or preservatives, nor any gluten, soy, dairy, nuts, or filler.

The manufacturers scrupulously test all ingredients for strength and quality, and the whole process, including the end result, is third-party monitored by a reputable lab.

In part, because everything is natural, there are no side effects associated with Testoprime. 

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TestoPrime Ingredients

testoprime ingredients list

TestoPrime is a very potent tool for naturally raising your testosterone levels. The only reason for this is its ingredients list, which is an exhaustive list of many of the most common ingredients in testosterone boosters, all of them earning their place and then some in this formula.

The formula begins with ashwagandha, an ancient ingredient backed up by modern data. It has been proven to elevate natural testosterone levels whilst separately boosting your focus and cognitive ability.

Ashwagandha alone would be a great ally in optimising your testosterone levels. TestoPrime gives you 668mg of KSM66 ashwagandha, one of the best going.

However, TestoPrime includes a lot more, backing the ashwagandha up very ably.

Ginseng is generally a good inclusion in a testosterone booster. It doesn’t boost testosterone levels in and of itself – this is what the ashwagandha is for.

However, it is great for fighting fatigue, raising your natural energy levels, and boosting your libido. It will thus help you to stay in the virtuous cycle I mentioned above.

You get 8000mg of panax ginseng in each Testoprime capsule.

Fenugreek helps here, too. You get 800mg in each serving of TestoPrime, which is plenty enough to feel the benefits. And those benefits include a spike to both your metabolism and sexual function. This means that your sexual health will improve, as will your ability to gain muscle and lose fat.

Pomegranate plays into these same benefits, improving your circulation and sex drive whilst reducing feelings of fatigue. You get 360mg in each serving of TestoPrime, which is more than enough.

You also get 2000mg of d-aspartic acid which plays a similar kind of auxiliary role to ginseng and fenugreek. Again, it won’t boost your testosterone levels by itself. However, it is great for maintaining healthy body composition, with low body fat levels, whilst improving your muscular strength. Again, we are looking at staying in that virtuous cycle, here.

There is a fantastically clever inclusion in the formula, too, one that will ensure that your testosterone is used well. I’m talking about green tea, which Testoprime includes in 4000mg servings.

Green tea delivers plenty of health-giving antioxidants and gives you a bit more energy. More than this, though, it has been proven to keep testosterone from being converted into unusable and potentially harmful DHT.

You get a good vitamin complex with TestoPrime, all aimed at promoting high testosterone levels and the benefits that come from it. This includes vitamin B6, which helps to control your testosterone levels, keeping large amounts in your bloodstream.

Pepper and garlic come next, both boosting testosterone levels.

Garlic serves two roles. Most importantly here, garlic has been linked to heightened levels of testosterone. However, it also has the added benefit of improving metabolic health, allowing you more energy and a greater fat burning potential.

TestoPrime contains 1200mg of garlic extract.

The black pepper included has 95% piperine. Piperine should make its way into most supplements – plenty of top quality ones use it. This is because it increases the bioavailability of every other ingredient in a supplement.

It has the additional advantage here of supporting testosterone’s absorption and metabolization, allowing you to far more effectively make use of your testosterone output.

Every testosterone supplement needs to include zinc. Every man needs to include it in their supplement regime. It is amongst the best of the best for raising total testosterone levels.

Zinc helps to raise your testosterone levels by preventing your body from turning testosterone into estrogen. This means that your testosterone to estrogen balance will be almost perfect if you take in adequate amounts of zinc, which very few of us do. With 40mg in every serving of TestoPrime, that lack should be a thing of the past.

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How To Take TestoPrime

TestoPrime does what any good supplement should do – it gives you great benefits whilst being simple and easy to take. You take four capsules, which is quite hefty, but you can take them all at the same time, so it’s actually not too bad. Simply throw them back with a glass of water a half hour or so before breakfast for best results.

Each container contains 120 capsules, so around a month’s supply. You can generally find reasonable discounts on bulk buys – go for three months’ supply for savings and a slightly longer term investment.

There are few acute benefits to be gained from taking TestoPrime. The green tea may kick in quite quickly, giving you a bit of an energy kick. Everything else is a slow burner, giving non-acute benefits.

Your testosterone levels won’t leap up overnight. And when they do go up, the effects will take a little while in making their presence felt.

The first benefits to show up are generally the mental health ones. Within 2-3 weeks of beginning Testoprime, you should notice that your thinking becomes a little clearer, your energy levels should go up, and you will be a fair amount bit more focus. You may find yourself sleeping better, too, further consolidating your improved mental wellbeing.

Your libido may start to improve a little while after this.

Your physical differences will take a little longer to show up. It may be a couple of months – or up to six months – of beginning to boost your testosterone levels until you notice your muscular strength increasing.

At this point, your body composition will also improve. You will be able to build greater muscle mass whilst keeping your body fat levels down.

Therefore, you should be thinking long term. Your testosterone health will take continuous maintenance. You should therefore expect to take something like Testoprime for a good few months or years – or maybe even indefinitely.

Think of it as an added element to your overall diet rather than any kind of quick, temporary fix.

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Pros and Cons


  • Effective way to optimise testosterone levels
  • Reverses symptoms of low testosterone
  • Natural ingredients with no filler
  • Third party tested and high quality
  • Money back guarantee
  • Multi-buy offers available
  • Comes with a free e-book on testosterone


  • Not much caffeine/stimulant content
  • Quite expensive
  • Not much good for clinically low testosterone levels

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Is TestoPrime safe?

TestoPrime is made from all-natural, safe ingredients. There should be no adverse side effects involved with it.

Why boost testosterone?

Testosterone is central to the healthy functioning of a wide range of bodily processes.

It is key for mental wellbeing, energy, focus, clarity, immune function, strength and muscle mass maintenance, healthy bone structure, body composition, recovery, sexual function and libido, to name just a few. 

Does TestoPrime contain hormones?

TestoPrime is not an exogenous hormone source. It contains all-natural ingredients with no hormones included.

It is designed to elicit greater testosterone output within your body whilst mitigating the symptoms and effects of low testosterone, not to replace testosterone with an outside source.


TestoPrime is a great product. All men – or, at least, the majority of men over thirty – need to take care of their testosterone output. Our hormonal health is central to our overall health and wellbeing.

As we have seen, testosterone is responsible for a lot in the body – optimising your levels brings a dizzying array of benefits.

By the same token, low testosterone levels can be crippling for your mental and physical wellbeing.

How do we do this? As above, keep the relevant lifestyle factors in check. Add in a good quality T-boosting supplement packed with high quality, proven ingredients.

TestoPrime is one of the best testosterone boosting supplements going. Every man should give it a go.

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