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PhenQ is one of my favourite supplements. It’s certainly amongst the best thermogenic fat burners out there – in fact, it’s quite likely the best – and that’s something we are looking to assess in this PhenQ review.

The benefits you get from PhenQ are what you would expect from any good thermogenic fat burner. It elicits greater rates of thermogenesis, meaning in short a boosted metabolism with more calories used even at rest.

It also gives you a good energy kick whilst levelling out your appetite, suppressing it so you can achieve the calorie deficit you’re looking for as you lose weight.

But where plenty of products can take you in this direction, few can do it with the potency and efficiency PhenQ brings to the table. It includes some of the best ingredients for what it does, all natural, all top-shelf quality, all dosed at appropriate levels.

There are plenty of pretenders. There is only one PhenQ – but let’s find out if it suits your specific needs in our full PhenQ review.

TLDR: Can We Recommend PhenQ?

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Testoprime is the standout supplement for anyone wanting to boost their testosterone levels through natural means.

The all-natural ingredients help the body to increase production of Luteinizing Hormone which not only helps to boost free testosterone, but can also help to regulate body fat.

There are a few good selections on our list, but Testoprime came out top in our testing.

About PhenQ

PhenQ Pills

PhenQ is a thermogenic fat burner brought to us by the supplement company Wolfson Berg.

Wolfson Berg are at the top of their game right now, leading every corner of the supplements market in which they stake a claim.

They have been bringing out excellent supplements across health, fitness, and wellbeing for over a decade now – which is something of an eternity in today’s supplement world.

But what exactly does it mean to be a top thermogenic fat burner?

Well, everything has to be top-notch. All ingredients have to be potent, natural, well-researched, scientifically justified, and high-quality. This is where PhenQ comes in first place in most races – its ingredients and the formula they create is pretty much second to none.

And, of course, a thermogenic fat burner needs to elicit greater rates of thermogenesis; it needs to be able to plausibly bring about a greater degree of ‘fat burning’; in short, it needs to be a useful tool in helping you to lose weight.

The word thermogenesis is a conjugation of the Greek words thermos, meaning heat or temperature, and genesis, meaning creation or beginning. In essence, thermogenesis is the process of heat creation.

In our bodies, this heat creation is a good measure of energy expenditure and the condition of our metabolic health.

Our bodies’ processes all working together all create heat as a by-product. This is thermodynamic inefficiency. The greater the energy they use, the greater the heat. Thus, thermogenesis here refers to our metabolic processes’ heat creation and the energy we use.

To put it simply – greater thermogenesis ends up meaning greater calorie use.

A thermogenic supplement will essentially cause your body to use up more calories – even when you are at rest. When you’re looking to maintain a calorie deficit, as any weight loss regime should have you do, this is obviously a fantastic benefit.

In fact, a fat burner of PhenQ’s quality can see you burning an extra hundred or so calories per day from basically doing nothing, greatly contributing to the five hundred or so calorie deficit you will be after.

Though this is far from PhenQ’s only benefit. In fact, it improves or aids several pathways that should help you with your weight loss journey.

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How PhenQ Works

PhenQ works across three main areas.

Initially, of course, it’s a thermogenic fat burner, as above. As such, it should elicit greater rates of thermogenesis when you’re taking it. You’ll be burning around 50-100 or so calories extra every day just by taking it, which should be equivalent to anywhere from 10-20% of your calorie deficit.

Do note that this is a welcome yet still quite small effect. You won’t be able to take it without changing your lifestyle and diet. You will need to put a calorie deficit in place.

A deficit of around 500 calories per day will lead to around a pound of body weight lost per week, which is about where most of us should be aiming. However, with this in place, PhenQ can make everything a little more effective and efficient.

In fact, it’s quite common to see metabolic rates drop when we maintain calorie deficits, especially over prolonged periods. A good thermogenic fat burner like PhenQ can undo this effect, bringing your metabolism up to optimal, allowing you to make the most of your calorie deficit.

It uses several natural ingredients to achieve this enhanced thermogenesis, most notably caffeine and cayenne pepper, which are two classic inclusions in this kind of supplement.

PhenQ also gives you a big energy boost – in no small part thanks to its rather large caffeine content. It’s common to experience lethargy and sluggishness during a calorie deficit. Brain fog is common. A calorie is a measure of energy, after all. A calorie deficit involves literally starving yourself of energy.

This can make it hard to maintain your willpower. It can make it hard to be productive and active. You will need all of these things to stay on track with your weight loss journey. Anything that can give you a lift and get you active and keep you switched on should therefore be very gratefully received.

Finally, some of the ingredients in PhenQ have been proven to stabilise blood sugar and, partly as a result of this, suppress your appetite. This means no hunger pangs as you maintain your calorie deficit. It means no cravings, which can derail the best thought out of eating plans.

In aiding these three areas – metabolic health, energy and clarity, and appetite – PhenQ fights three of the biggest threats to your weight loss programme. It will make it easier and far more pleasant to run the diet and lifestyle you need to lose weight.

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Plenty of thermogenic fat burners include the kinds of ingredients used in PhenQ’s recipe. This makes them all potent, yet sort of much of a muchness.

PhenQ sets itself apart in two ways, however.

The first is in sheer quality – it may look like similar products, but it does it all way better. The second is the inclusion of something a bit different – A-Lacey’s Reset.

A-Lacey’s Reset is a trademarked formula designed specifically to boost your natural metabolic rate and the speed and efficiency with which you burn excess body fat. Everything is justified by a solid body of clinical data, and the ingredients used in it are all reputable fat burners.

A-Lacey’s Reset is made up of cysteine, alpha lipoic acid and magnesium.

Research shows that each is capable of helping you to reduce body fat levels whilst also allaying fatigue and promoting hypertrophy, or muscle gain, and recovery, which is sorely needed during a calorie deficit during which you’re planning to remain active.

Each dose of PhenQ gives you 25 mg of A-Lacy’s Reset.

In addition, you get a helpful 80 mcg of chromium picolinate, which has been linked with the healthy metabolisation of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It’s been shown to help overweight trial participants to lower their BMI through body fat loss over a sustained period.

It can help to level out blood sugar levels, which in turn should suppress your appetite and prevent any sudden hunger pangs.

Then there is caffeine, which we’ve already seen is one of the best thermogenic compounds going. PhenQ delivers 142.4 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous per serving (what you would expect in a couple of espressos) with caffeine anhydrous being amongst the most potent forms available.

Caffeine isn’t just good for thermogenesis, of course. It also underpins the energy boost you will experience with PhenQ and can act as a mild appetite suppressant. There is even some evidence that it may help with fat oxidation.

Caffeine’s thermogenesis is assisted by a few more, trusty thermogenic compounds. These include capsicum from cayenne pepper, calcium carbonate, nopal and l-carnitine tartrate. Capsicum is second only to caffeine in the thermogenic benefits it has to offer.

Finally, you get 3 mg of piperine from PhenQ. Any good supplement should include piperine.

Of course, Piperine has benefits, which include having anti-inflammatory properties and its own mild thermogenic effect.

However, it’s best known for its ability to make everything else in a supplement far more bioavailable. It will allow your body to absorb and more fully make use of everything else PhenQ has to offer, making everything far more efficient and effective.

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Does PhenQ Work?

Yes, PhenQ works. In fact, it works incredibly well. I don’t idly suggest it is amongst the best of the best – I’ve tried it out and been thoroughly impressed by the results.

In short, it does everything it promises to – it gives you more energy, suppresses your appetite by a small amount, and elicits greater fat loss as part of a broader calorie deficit.

I coupled it with a fairly standard daily deficit of 500 calories. Some of this came from reduced intake as I cut around 300 calories out of my daily eating plan.

The rest came from extra activity as I put in an extra 200 calories’ worth of daily cardio. Everything else was down to the PhenQ pills and it didn’t disappoint.

Firstly, I generally suffer quite badly with lethargy and brain fog during a calorie deficit. This kind of sucks as I’m a writer and a fitness enthusiast – having both my brain and body working sub-par is pretty awful.

PhenQ reversed this, mitigating all symptoms of fatigue and so on. I was able to work and work out at my usual standard without suffering any ill consequences.

I also tend to like to snack (hence I often need to put an extra bit of weight loss into my routine). This largely went away on PhenQ.

However, I’ve had better results in this regard with other products. Anything with glucomannan, a type of fiber, or something similar in its recipe will generally be far more effective at suppressing your appetite and getting rid of any unwanted snacking.

Then there was the weight loss itself. You can generally expect to lose 1 lb. or so per week for every five hundred calories you cut out of your daily intake.

However, my weight loss is generally quite uneven – I can lose nothing for a few weeks, then a couple of pounds the next, and so on. PhenQ kept things quite stable – I lost just over a pound per week for the full six weeks I was cutting, for a total of seven pounds, or half a stone.

There was an ease and a consistency to my weight loss that it’s generally quite hard to find, pretty much all down to PhenQ. This, coupled with the lack of side effects from cutting calories, made the whole experience far more pleasant and far more rewarding.

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Evidence to support PhenQ

Everything included in PhenQ rests on solid scientific justification. All the ingredients have been well tested and proven to a strong degree to elicit the results they are intended to.

For example, alpha lipoic acid, one of the key ingredients in the A-Lacy’s Reset formula, was shown in a 2017 meta-study to be able to lower mean BMI in participants taking it by nearly half a point more than a placebo group. They lost a statistically significant extra 1.27 kg mean weight, or nearly 3 lbs.

Another 2017 study pointed to capsicum’s ability to aid in weight loss. It found that capsicum has multiple benefits for metabolic health, especially for weight loss in obese individuals.

It isn’t hard to find evidence supporting all of the ingredients included in PhenQ. The team behind it have based everything they have done on the most up to date clinical data available.


It’s rare that I’m quite so enamoured of a supplement. I see plenty of them. I’ve taken lots, either for my own health reasons or as a fitness professional and reviewer. Pretty much all of them have some kind of flaw.

And PhenQ arguably does. There are better appetite suppressing thermogenic products out there. However, everything is a trade-off. The top two or three appetite suppressing thermogenic supplements I can think of fall well behind in other areas, most notably at giving energy boosts and eliciting thermogenesis.

PhenQ excels here. It will slightly reduce your appetite. It will certainly make it easier to go without snacks as sudden hunger pangs are levelled out. However, it really shines as an energy giving thermogenic supplement.

It’s quite probably the best in the world in this regard, and I don’t say that lightly.

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