JTX Sprint 9 Review

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The JTX Sprint 9 is the highest spec’d treadmill from JTX in their ‘Sprint’ range and is billed as being suitable for commercial and domestic use alike.

Having used the entry and mid level models in the Sprint range we were looking forward to testing the Sprint 9 and we are pleased to report it did not disappoint. Read on to find out exactly what we thought in our full JTX Sprint 9 review.

JTX Sprint 9 First Impressions

jtx sprint 9 image

The JTX Sprint 9 treadmill takes everything that was great about the Sprint 3, 5 and 7 and takes it further with a much more advanced on board computer, a higher spec of motor and mechanical incline and crucially a larger running track.

The improvements have taken already great products and propelled them in to commercial gym treadmill territory.

The Sprint 9 looks fantastic, with its bold lines, solid outer frame and heavy gauge steel frame, this is a treadmill that will look and feel the part in all settings.

In terms of commercial treadmills it is very affordable and it’s certainly not asking preposterous amounts for a home treadmill either – although it does sit firmly at the premium end of the home treadmill spectrum.

The Sprint 9 is a foldable treadmill and features a double hydraulic soft drop system and gives the treadmill a neat fold away look when not in use. The centre console is one of the most impressive we have seen with a large screen and plenty of intuitive controls as well as quick select buttons all conveniently positioned for quick access.

Upon unboxing and assembling the treadmill (which is pretty painless and takes around 15-20 minutes) you can’t help but be impressed by the quality of every aspect of the Sprint 9.

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JTX Sprint 9 Specs

jtx sprint 9 display

The Sprint 9 compared very favourably with other treadmills at its price point and it is just as impressive under the hood as it is on the outside. Featuring a powerful 3HP motor, this treadmill can easily reach speeds of 20KPH.

When in use, the Sprint 9 measures up at 204cm (l) 92cm (w) x 176cm (h) and when folded its dimensions reduce to 116cm (l) x 92cm (w) x 147cm (h).

The running track is a whopping 153cm long with an impressive 52cm width which fits in with commercial treadmill running areas and feels luxurious for home usage.

There is an 8 point cushioning system in place which provides ample joint protection and a comfortable (but not bouncy) run and JTX claim this can reduce joint stress by up to 30% compared with standard running.

There are 15 levels of incline, all of which are powered by a mechanical double hydraulic incline motor and this is extremely smooth in operation. The incline is controlled at the touch of a button but also comes in to play automatically depending on the running programme you have selected. The maximum incline is 12% which again is standard at the premium end of the market.

The Sprint 9 weighs in at 131.6kg and as such it is not designed to be wheeled around from place to place – rather you will want to find a static position for the treadmill to occupy. It does have transport wheels and is not too difficult to move around but we would recommend keeping it in one position.

There is a maximum user weight of 130kg which is towards the top end of what we generally see at this price point and further illustrates the robust build quality of this machine.

In terms of comfort, entertainment and connectivity the Sprint 9 is well set and you will find a tablet/iPad holder above the centre console as well as having aux inputs and bluetooth connections.

The built in speakers are pretty decent for a treadmill and are certainly an upgrade to built in phone or tablet speakers and are very convenient for working out. There are two drinks holders and a fan to keep you cool while working out.

You can connect your Polar heart rate strap to this treadmill or use the built in pulse rate monitors if you prefer. You can even connect footpods such as the Zwift RunPod to the treadmill along with running apps for even more functionality.

There are 24 pre-set running programmes to choose from including hill running, heart rate control, interval running and there also 3 custom programmes that you can set yourself.

It really does seem that JTX have packed as much tech in to the Sprint 9 as possible but have not gone overboard which has meant they have kept the price realistic and affordable.

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Sprint 9 In Testing

sprint 9 folded

We had the Sprint 9 for two weeks of testing and in that time we managed to squeeze in 11 test runs.

From the first run it is easy to see what a quality machine this is and the controls are intuitive from the get go – making it ideal for multiple home users and commercial users alike as there really is little need for induction or instructions if you have used a treadmill before.

The dual hydraulic folding system is a joy to use and the soft close feature means you don’t have to exert yourself at all when folding or unfolding as the hydraulics do the hard work for you.

It does not fold completely upright but you still see a length saving of almost one metre which makes this an ideal purchase for a home gym.

The running track on the JTX Sprint 9 is hard to fault and from the commercial dimensions to the 8 point cushioned suspension it is hard to imagine how this could be improved upon.

The width and length are ideal for all types and sizes of runners or walkers and the oversized arms give you even more confidence when pushing yourself. There is a safety clip with automatic shut off incase of any unforeseen problems which gives you extra peace of mind.

Getting in to the running programmes is easy enough and we connected a Polar heart rate strap for heart rate focused workouts and these were excellent. We compared these to using the in-built pulse rate sensors and although it is not as comfortable running and holding on to the sensors the accuracy of them was pretty close to the Polar straps.

There is a good array of pre-set programmes to choose from and the fat burning and hill running programmes are particularly gruelling although you can of course alter the difficulty to suit your level. We would suggest the Sprint 9 has a great range of difficulty levels and as such it should suit all runners from complete beginners to seasoned professionals.

The oversized screen is ideal for quickly getting up and running but if you want something more advanced you can connect to a range of running apps with a phone or tablet and the popular Kinomap can be integrated via bluetooth and have you running some of the most visually pleasing runs in the world from the comfort of your own home. You can also compete against others and track your progress with these running apps which will help you push yourself and keep you motivated.

The running belt is made from JTX’s trademarked BlackDiamond and has an excellent grip and according to the manufacturer can last 50% longer than standard running belts. We don’t have any data to back this up but we saw no wear or tear during our time testing although this was limited.

Crucially, JTX offer one of the best treadmill warranties on the market and you can choose between a commercial warranty or a home warranty at the point of purchase. The home warranty provides 3 years of parts and labour cover and the commercial warranty provides 1 year parts and labour for use in commercial setups.

Regardless of this, the motor is covered by a 10 year warranty and the frame has a lifetime warranty – pretty impressive stuff and we like to see a company put their money where their mouth is when it comes to warranties.

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JTX Sprint 9
  • Build and Motor Quality
  • Comfort
  • Ease of Use
  • Connectivity
  • Value for Money


The JTX Sprint 9 is an impressive treadmill that is ideal for home use as well as for use in commercial settings. It is well built, incredibly robust and extremely comfortable to run on.

There are some excellent out of the box pre-set running programmes to use as well as the ability to set your own custom programmes.

The connectivity with running apps and third party accessories such as footpods and heart rate monitors take the functionality to the next level and really place this treadmill as a market leader at its price point.

The Sprint 9 is backed up by an impressive warranty and whether using this at home or in a gym this treadmill should last for years and years to come and is somewhat future proofed thanks to its excellent connectivity.



Very robust and high build quality

Powerful motor and mechanical incline

Easy and intuitive to use

Excellent connectivity with apps and devices

Large running track

Market leading warranty


Beep sounds are a little loud

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