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The JTX Sprint 7 is one of the leading folding treadmills in the JTX Fitness range with only the Sprint 9 ahead of it in terms of out and out specs. The 7 series model is not too far behind its bigger brother but offers a lot more value for money and so we thought we’d get hold of one and give it the usual review treatment.

With a 3HP motor and a 12% powered incline we were pretty excited to test this model out. Add to that the fact that this treadmill is manufactured and supplied by leading British fitness equipment manufacturer JTX Fitness, and we couldn’t wait to get started. Find out whether it lived up to our expectations in our full JTX Sprint 7 review right here.

JTX Sprint 7 Out Of The Box(es)

When you first receive the JTX Sprint 7 it will come in two boxes and your first task is to assemble the treadmill. Thankfully, this is a fairly simple task and any competent person will likely have this treadmill up and ready for running in around 40-45 minutes.

If you do get stuck, JTX Fitness have one of the best customer service centres and their UK based support is just a phone call away.

The JTX Sprint 7 is a pretty intimidating piece of kit to look at – and we 100% mean that in a good way. Measuring up at 180cm (l) x 83cm (w) x 159cm (h) the Sprint 7 is housed in an impressively solid outer frame and sports a 145cm long running deck that is 51cm wide.

It has sturdy support arms for extra safety and the eye-line is drawn to the dominating centre console that includes a 7 inch display. You can add to this if you wish by utilising the bluetooth connectivity and combining a smartphone or tablet that gives you even more display options with added functionality.

The Sprint 7 will look great in any home gym setup and thanks to its foldable deck it won’t dominate a room if you wish to house it in a spare room of your house. Put simply, the JTX Sprint 7 looks like a well engineered piece of kit that you will be proud to show others – unlike some of the cheaper folding treadmills available on the market.

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Sprint 7 Tech Specs

JTX Sprint 7 being used

Technically speaking the JTX Sprint 7 is well blessed and as such it is the most popular treadmill model that JTX Fitness offer. It is reasonably priced and you get an awful lot of tech per pound, especially when you compare it to cheaper models and take in to consideration how long you can expect to use this treadmill for.

For starters it comes with an impressive 3 year at home warranty that is way beyond the average warranty for similar products and this product is likely going to last for decades rather than years.

The Sprint 7 features a 3HP motor which is pretty much the most powerful that JTX Fitness offer. We usually look for 1.5HP or above as standard so this 3HP has more than enough beef to keep us happy. It has a top speed of 20KPH which is 5KPH more than most treadmills offer and will allow even the fastest of runners to be seriously challenged.

It also has the largest incline of any of the JTX treadmills (and equal to the Sprint 9) with a 15% maximum incline with 15 incremental settings to choose from. The incline is mechanically driven and this can be controlled manually as part of your workout or automatically as part of a pre-set programme or in line with a third-party app such as Kinomap.

This treadmill is foldable and as such it is ideal for easy storage. When folded, the treadmill measures up at 120cm (l) x 88cm (w) x 159cm (h). It has a soft open system which makes it really easy to unfold the machine and means you won’t drop the track and break it.

You simply give a gentle tug and down it comes, nice and slowly and safely. The Sprint 7 weighs in at 85kg and it can hold a maximum user weight of 160kg – this is way above average and makes this one of the most accessible treadmills for users of all weights.

JTX Fitness use a trademarked technology known as Cushionstep Deck and this is designed to soften the impact that you would normally associate with running. Over time, the impact and stress that running places on your joints can be debilitating and JTX Fitness claim that this Cushionstep Deck technology can reduce the impact of each stride by up to 30%.

We don’t know if this is completely accurate but this is certainly one of the most comfortable treadmills to run on in terms of the stress it places on the lower body joints.

The running deck is larger than average and is coated in a Black Diamond finish which is designed to provide the ultimate grip for your trainers. The safety aspects don’t stop there. There is a safety clip with automatic emergency stop in case you fall and the solid arms of the treadmill provide you with additional support should you need it.

The Sprint 7 has excellent connectivity and although it has plenty of features out of the box, you can add to this considerably thanks to its bluetooth connectivity and hardware that works seamlessly with a range of third party software such as popular running apps.

It can also be used with third party hardware such as foot-pods and can also be used with a Polar heart rate monitor.

There are built-in pulse rate monitors found on the front facing handles just beneath the central computer and these work well but if you are serious about your heart rate zone training then we’d suggest syncing the Sprint 7 with a Polar heart rate strap.

There are 43 programmes to choose from including heart rate programmes that automatically adjust the speed and incline based on your heart rate and these are ideal for high intensity fat burning sessions.

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JTX Sprint 7 In Testing

Sprint 7 display

The JTX Sprint 7 not only looks great but it feels great underfoot. It has such a high level of build quality that every part of this treadmill looks the part. When you step on to it you feel like you are stepping on to a commercial quality machine rather than one that is designed for home use.

The base of this treadmill feels very secure and you have just enough give so that you can feel the 8 point suspension beneath you.

Anyone who has used a cheaper home treadmill in the past will instantly feel the quality of the Sprint 7 and anyone who has used a treadmill in a gym will notice the similarities. One thing that many users of home treadmills often complain of is the narrow width of the running deck.

The Sprint 7 has a more than generous width of 51cm which feels pretty luxurious by comparison to other models. The running deck itself has an excellent level of grip and you genuinely feel very secure when running at high speeds.

Everything is controlled by the console that sits in front of you and the main buttons that are required during a run are large and easily accessible as well as being soft press. This means that making adjustments mid-run is pretty easy and for those that like to have that level of manual control it makes the Sprint 7 a great option.

The powered digital incline works seamlessly and smoothly whether you are controlling it manually or using it as part of a pre-set programme or in conjunction with a third party app. At 15%, the incline is pretty tough going and will really help to push that heart rate up.

The 20KPH top speed is also more than enough to challenge even the most experienced of runners and the motor performs well even when running at top speed for long periods of time (which is not easy).

The Sprint 7 is relatively quiet in operation compared to other treadmills and it is also relatively comfortable to run on. You can definitely feel the suspension but not in a way that feels unnatural or uncomfortable.

You won’t feel like you are running on a trampoline but equally you won’t feel you are running on concrete. It takes a couple of runs to get used to but after that you won’t want to go back to road running in a hurry.

We didn’t test the Sprint 7 with any foot pods but our understanding is that these work well and there are no connection issues. The heart rate zone training is where we focused most of our attention as well as using the Sprint 7 with the excellent Kinomap app – which just adds a whole new dimension to the treadmill.

This is best used with a tablet but can also be used with a smartphone and the free tablet holder that is included with this machine is very useful to help transform a great treadmill in to an exceptional multimedia treadmill.

The built in speakers work well although they are nothing to shout home about, but let’s be honest, you aren’t buying this treadmill for its audio qualities.

The JTX Sprint comes with a 3 year at home warranty which means if you have any issues within the first 3 years they will come out and repair it in your home.

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  • Safety
  • Ease of Use
  • Build Quality
  • Third Party Integration
  • Value For Money


The JTX Sprint 7 is a classy folding treadmill that has an excellent set of specs considering its affordable price point. It has very good connectivity and a powered incline that is as good as any other we have tested. With a top speed of 20KPH, over 40 pre-set programmes and some top quality third party app integration to boot – this is easily one of the best treadmills in its class.

JTX Fitness top it off with a market leading 3 year home warranty that provides even more peace of mind.



Excellent build quality

Genuinely comfortable to run on

Feels safe and secure

Excellent range of third party software and hardware integration


Speakers aren’t as good as some competitors

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