JTX Cyclo 6 Review

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JTX are fast becoming industry leaders in the UK when it comes to designing and manufacturing high quality, yet affordable home cardio equipment.

The JTX Cyclo 6 upon first glance seems to fit this mould really well and is billed as a high end indoor studio cycle that is kind on the pocket while providing a tough and challenging workout on the body.

Of course, things aren’t always as they seem at first sight and so we took delivery of this popular JTX spin bike and gave it a thorough testing for a period of 21 days. The results are in and we bring them to you right here in our JTX Cyclo 6 review.

JTX Cyclo 6 Specifications & Unboxing

cyclo 6 bike

When compared to spin bikes at a similar price range the Cyclo 6 not only performs well in terms of its looks but also excels with its raw specs. It is made from heavy gauge reinforced steel to provide an incredibly stable base and has one of the most impressive flywheels we have used for a bike in this price range.

The Cyclo 6 measures up at 124cm (l) x 54cm (w) x 122cm (h) which makes it a fairly compact piece of home cardio equipment when you compare it to other forms of cardio gear such as treadmills.

As it is a studio cycle there is no folding down but this cycle looks so good you will want it take pride of place in your home workout space.

Most studio cycles feature 3 types of adjustability to ensure you have an optimum position for working out no matter how tall you are or how long your legs and arms are.

The Cyclo 6 takes this a step further with 4 adjustable elements with the usual seat height and distance from handlebars and then the handlebar height adjustment and an additional adjustment for the handlebar distance. This makes a big difference for users with longer limbs who often have to settle for less than comfortable ride positions on studio cycles.

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The belt driven flywheel weighs in at a hefty 22kg and provides an incredibly smooth and balanced ride. There is an easy to use dial to adjust magnetic resistance and there are infinite levels of resistance with this bike so you will never max out the difficulty level.

This bike weighs in at 63kg which is pretty solid for a moderately priced bike and this is a testament to the materials used to build it. The maximum user weight is also an impressive 135kg which makes it one of the most accessible studio cycles for users of all shapes and sizes.

The Cyclo 6 has an on-board computer as you might expect and although the display is a little on the simplistic side, the technology sitting behind it is not. You get the standard data displayed such as time, calories burned, distance etc.

In addiotion, you also get crucial heart rate data. Most spin bikes include the built-in handlebar pulse rate sensors (as does the Cyclo 6) but JTX go one further again by making it compaitable with a Polar heart rate strap – this data is then beamed to the LCD display to help you monitor your heart rate and train within the optimal range.

It’s not entirely needed, but if target heart rate zone training is your thing then this is the best way to do it.

When it comes to seats and pedals it is worth doing your research if looking to purchase a new bike – this is just as true with indoor studio cycles and luckily the padded seat on this model is very comfortable and more impressively the pedals are dual sided with SPD clips on one side and standard pedals the other. This is a nice touch and means this bike is ideal for experienced and beginner users right out of the box!

Upon unboxing the Cyclo 6 you are greeted by a fairly simple set up procedure that is likely to take around 30-40 minutes. Once set up, you can instantly recognise that this is a cycle with exceptional build quality and although it doesn’t dominate a room, it does have a substantial presence.

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Using The JTX Cyclo 6

image of JTX cyclo 6

The JTX Cyclo 6 is one of the most loved spin bikes on the market if you go by Trustpilot reviews so we had pretty high expectations when we took delivery and started using this model.

It is easy to see why users get on so well with the Cyclo 6 as it has one of the most comfortable and satisfying rides that we have ever tested – and that includes some top of the range commercial cycles.

The belt driven 22kg flywheel provides an exceptionally smooth ride and even when riding at high levels of intensity or performing standing hill rides, the flywheel and drive belt work perfectly to provide a smooth ride but also a balanced one.

There is no jerkiness in the ride at all and everything feels fluid which allows for a really enjoyable ride – even when training for over 60 minutes.

The infinity resistance means that the resistance increases the more you pedal but there is still some control of this using the resistance dial on the front of the bike. Most people will not need to change this once they have their own preferred setting and it really does mean this bike is ideal for all levels of users – even the most advanced.

The toe clip pedals are included as standard and can be upgraded to dual pedals if required – this is well worth it but not an absolute necessity. All of the touch points of the JTX Cyclo 6 are comfortable to the touch and offer exceptional ride comfort.

The seat is well padded and one of the more comfortable options we have tested. The handle bars are oversized and have multiple grip points which also allows for optimal ride positions whether the user is seated or standing and whether you want to ride leaning in or in an upright position.

The pulse rate sensors are well positioned on the handlebars but we would highly recommend taking advantage of the included Polar heart rate strap that sends your heart rate data directly to the display. There is no automated functionality to help you train at a specific heart rate but you can control this yourself pretty easily as the resistance and intensity to work at is pretty intuitive.

Despite the display being pretty basic you can upgrade your experience by opting to use a mobile device or tablet when spinning and combining with an app such as Peloton Digital, Aaptiv or Bitgym.

These allow you to access classes like you would at a gym with a personal trainer at your disposal or to ride through exotic locations from the comfort of your own home. For anyone who craves the full on spin class experience, these apps make it possible.

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The Cyclo-6 by JTX is compact enough to be used in a spare room but also looks great as part of a home gym setup. You can store it in a corner or against a wall and then wheel it out using the handy transport wheels when needed to workout with space around you. This bike is one of the most stable to use and also features a quick-stop brake which adds to the overall safety.

We tested this studio cycle with 2 users, a 6’3″ male and a 5’5″ female and both found it comfortable to use and easy to adjust to their body types. The 2 planes of adjustment on the handlebars really made a difference when compared to other bikes – especially for our taller user.

The Cyclo 6 comes with a 2 year at home warranty so you have full peace of mind when purchasing from JTX. This British company also has an excellent record when it comes to customer service and we found them to be incredibly helpful when needed for advice. JTX also provide resources to maximise your workouts and these can be accessed online.

JTX Cyclo 6 Summary
  • Value For Money
  • Comfort
  • Ride Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Functionality


The JTX Cyclo 6 is one of the best studio cycles we have tested. For home use it is perhaps the most ideal choice as it balances cost with comfort and ride quality to perfection. The strong 22kg flywheel provides a balanced ride that will be challenging for all levels of user and the adjustable seat and handlebars mean it can be used by all the family.

A 2 year warranty adds peace of mind and cements this a best buy choice when it comes to mid to high end spin bikes.



Excellent ride quality

Very comfortable to use thanks to 4 way adjustability

Included heart rate strap a nice touch

Incredible value for money

2 year warranty


Basic LCD Monitor

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