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In this article we will be assessing the JLL T350 treadmill in our JLL T350 review. But first – a quick word on treadmills…

Treadmills can represent a great training tool.

They are easy to use – though there is a lot to be desired in most non-runners’ running technique, we can all get up onto a treadmill and get a bit of a jog going without much fuss. More so a power walk, and even a decent run takes very little experience to make a good go of.

They are also lighter on the joints than road running, making them perfect for anybody with any joint concerns. If you have knee, hip or ankle pain or injuries, a well-padded tread could make all the difference.

They also have programmes and settings, allowing you to control incline and decline, speed and intensity, and to take part in many online classes or pre-set regimes.

All this from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to worry about your run being rained off. You don’t need to worry about being out and about on your own after dark.

Home treadmills are usually a bit of a let-down compared to professional, gym-standard machines, however. They are generally more flimsily built, give a sub-par workout, and don’t give you the same sense of security, or the same robust longevity.

What to do? You want to run at home, but you don’t want a rubbish machine.

Simple – try out the JLL T350 – or is it? Read on to find out…

First Impressions Of The JLL T350

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2021 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20 Incline Levels,0.3km/h to 18km/h, 20 Programmes, Bluetooth & Speakers, 2-Year Parts&Labor,5-Year Motor Cover

The JLL T350 is an absolutely premium model compared to most of its competitors and, as with most JLL products, it is priced mid-range whilst punching well above its weight.

It’s a bargain.

It’s also a neat, if slightly uninspiring, looking model. The T350 is large, but it folds down, meaning that it will tuck away into any corner in your home or garage, making it a perfect addition to any home gym setup.

The black mouldings that make up most of the frame are clean and pretty elegant, and the orange highlights add a little fun to counter some of the drab monotone that dominates the rest of it.

The console looks retro, if you’re being nice about it… otherwise, you could call it a little dated. It wouldn’t look out of place in a Stranger Things set piece!

I was excited by the handbook. As I’ll go into below, the specs and programmes that come with the T350 are fantastic, especially given the fact that you’ll be getting a decent amount of change from £600.

Though the console is unimpressive to look at, it has all the functions you could want, and can command all of these programmes admirably.

Then there is the brand. I’m always excited to try out anything that JLL throw my way.

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JLL T350 Specs

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2021 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20 Incline Levels,0.3km/h to 18km/h, 20 Programmes, Bluetooth & Speakers, 2-Year Parts&Labor,5-Year Motor Cover

The main thing I liked about the T350’s specs were the intensity you could use it to push yourself to and the comfort and safety in which this was all achieved.

This comes from a couple of places.

Firstly, the speed ranges are fantastic – the T350 goes all the way from 0.3km/h to a full 18km/h. This is very fast for an at-home treadmill. Then there are the incline ranges, spread over 20 easily adjustable levels.

If you want to, you can run up a steep hill at 18km/h, which represents an intense cardio and lower body workout.

You won’t feel like you’re pushing your joints too hard, however, as the T350 boasts a 16-point cushion deck absorption system. As above, treadmills can be good options for those with joint concerns. The T350 will cater to these needs very well, whilst ensuring that joint concerns don’t develop over time in any other users.

The screen that I thought looked a bit dated is actually pretty decent. It is a 5 inch LCD monitor that displays all the usual metrics you would want, including time, speed, distance, heart-rate and calories burned. You can use it to choose between an impressive 20 running programmes, of which the first 3 can be fully customised.

The T350 is Bluetooth enabled with iPod, iPhone, MP3 connectivity and USB interface, and it has high quality, high powered speakers. There should be no shortage of media options as you train, keeping you entertained as you sweat.

Though it looks small and discreet, even larger athletes will find they have plenty of room to play on the T350. The running area size is 121cm in length and 41cm in width, and there is a top recommended user weight of 120kg (nearly nineteen stone for those counting in old money!). The full frame weighs in at 59kgs and is 158cm x 128cm x 70cms.

Finally, the T350 makes its presence felt far less than it should thanks to the fact that it is fully foldable and has transport wheels for ease of movement. Once you’re done with it, simply fold it down and store it away somewhere – it really does seem to be the perfect home-gym cardio machine.

You get a 2-year warranty on parts and labour, 5 years of motor cover, and a lifetime guarantee on the frame.

It is fully ROHS, CE & EN957 Standard Safety Compliant.

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Using The JLL T350

JLL T350 Digital Folding Treadmill, 2021 New Generation Digital Control 4.5HP Motor, 20 Incline Levels,0.3km/h to 18km/h, 20 Programmes, Bluetooth & Speakers, 2-Year Parts&Labor,5-Year Motor Cover

A lot of budget models are small and shaky. They feel like a strong breeze will make them collapse – hardly inspiring to anyone wanting to pound away for mile after mile.

This is certainly not the case with the T350. It is pretty hefty, larger than average, and clearly designed and put together to last a lifetime.

Combine this feel with knowledge of its respectable top user weight, and you know you’ve got a machine that will stand up to anything you can throw at it.

Which is good, because I typically like to throw a lot at cardio machines like this. Given the higher top speeds and decent inclines, I mixed some powerful hill sprints in with the longer distance, steadier state work for which many people will be buying a model like this. It stood up to it all very well – far better than I did, actually!

The hefty frame doesn’t get in the way when not in use, however. As above, it folds and transports well. Tt will fold into a ‘z’ format for storage between use, and the wheels carry its weight incredibly well. Even smaller athletes won’t have a hard time moving it around, and even smaller houses will absorb it without any drama.

Then there’s the motor, from where that terrific top speed of 18km/h comes from. The T350 boasts a 4.5 horsepower engine, which is insane for the price!

The running surface was lovely to use. The cushioned tread is incredibly comfortable and easy on the joints. The 16-point system covers the important impact areas, meaning that you can keep any gait going without fear for your knees or ankles. If you’ve ever used a cheap, trashy treadmill that doesn’t have a cushioning system, you’ll know the difference this can make.

I would like to see some jazzier designs. There is only one colour scheme. Though it’s smart enough, in black with some nice orange trim, it’s a little dull. Considering some of the art piece looking bikes and rowers you can get for a similar amount of money, this leaves a little to be desired.

It’s a small gripe, and doesn’t detract from the experience of using it, but it has to be mentioned.

I really like the arms. These are vital for safety and come in very handy when you’re performing sprints – the tread will never slow down fast enough for you to properly decelerate, so you’ll find that you have to hold onto the arms and jump up quickly.

The console is electronically powered and can be used to adjust the incline in motion. This is standard (and very helpful) in professional, gym treadmills, but isn’t always a given with home ones. It’s a massive point in the T350’s favour.

The backlit display is large and unwieldy. This means it looks a bit rubbish, but it functions incredibly well. You can monitor all your key data points at once, and it’s easy to navigate between different programmes and so forth.

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Alternative To JLL T350

JLL are not unique, of course. There are some other good options out there, many of which I’ve tried, reviewed, and greatly enjoyed using.

If you want a good folding treadmill and have some cash to splash around, Proform’s Performance 600i is a good place to start. It has a solid reputation for good quality and customer satisfaction (which it should do, as it’s a few times the price of the T350!).

It folds easily, making use of the popular SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist, so you will be able to move it easily and store it basically anywhere.

The frame is also very solid and incredibly well built, and it has an advanced ProShox Cushioning System for shock absorption. It will give you up to a 12% incline, which is enough to challenge most runners, and can go up to 12mph, which is a little faster than the T350.


JLL seem to have looked for the sweet spot between quality and price, priced it accordingly, then added a little extra quality on top for good measure. It’s astonishing value for money!

The tread is incredibly comfortable, and more importantly will keep your joints safe for years to come. There should be no impact pain or discomfort at all. The programmes and incline options are wide and varied, meaning that you’ll always have somewhere to push yourself, something to keep your interest.

And it’s all easily adjustable in-motion, meaning that you can read your body’s feedback in real time and change things up accordingly.

Then there is the speed! You can go for a casual stroll or light jog. You can also take the taps off and really go for it. It’s not just a good, well-built machine – it’s lots and lots of fun to use.

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