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There are cheap treadmills, there are expensive ones, and there are those that come with a hefty price tag, yet still feel very reasonably priced.

Today, we’re very much looking at one of the latter – the DKN EzRun Treadmill, aimed squarely at the higher end of the market, but nevertheless allowing you change from a grand.

It also bucks a couple of trends. The EzRun is a foldable treadmill, which usually means convenient storage at a price.

This price comes twofold. Firstly, folding treadmills tend to be quite lightweight. They are not often built for hard use, or at least they tend not to excel at it. The EzRun is reassuringly heavy, meaning that weightier athletes or those looking to really push themselves can get a good run from it.

Secondly, they are often neither perfectly convenient nor perfectly good treadmills – they sit somewhere in the middle on both camps. As we will see, this isn’t the case with the EzRun. It manages to strike a good balance between functional utility and convenient storage.

All in all, it gives a lot for a little, making it one of my favourite folding treadmills in today’s market. Let’s give it the full lowdown in our DKN EzRun Treadmill review.

DKN EzRun Treadmill Specs

DKN EzRun Treadmill

The EzRun packs a punch. It has a hydraulic folding mechanism – not essential, but nice, nevertheless. You get a mechanical incline with it, a decent running space and a hell of a lot of utility.

Let’s start with the folding aspect.

The running track is generously proportioned. Its measures 140cm in length, which means that even athletes topping six foot will be able to reach a good stride as they use it.

It’s also an impressive 52cm wide (one of the widest at this price point), meaning that larger athletes need not worry at all. Everyone should feel comfortable using the EzRun.

Despite this larger scale, DKN have nevertheless managed to keep the EzRun’s footprint surprisingly small. Unfolded, it measures in at 183cm x 143cm x 85cm. It’s no pigmy, but it’s far more compact than its usage would suggest. Folded up, this goes down to a mere 116cm x 143cm x 85cm, making it perfectly storable.

The 1.75 HP continuous duty motor, with 3.5 HP peak, may sound a little underwhelming. Many other models, notably from JTX, have considerably more power. However, it’s still OK as a mid-rate output and can match even the JTX Sprint 7 for speed, tapping out only when it gets to 20 KPH (which should be more than enough for even the fastest runners).

The mechanical incline is also decent. It can be manually adjusted, with 12 levels to choose from (0-12%). It can also be controlled automatically by any of the 15 pre-set programmes that the EzRun comes with. The treadmill is also Kinomap compatible, which can control your incline to suit whichever route you’re taking.

All of this is controlled from a large, well-lit central console. The buttons are all accessible mid-run, so that you can adjust as you go, and everything seems pretty straightforward and user friendly. Pulse reading sensors in the central bars will flash your heartrate up on the console.

The EzRun also has Polar connectivity, too, in case you would prefer to use a chest strap (this will also enable you to follow any one of three specific heart rate pre-set programmes, keeping you always within your target heart range, making weight management that much easier.)

The console also shows the usual biometric data you would want from any cardio machine – speed, calories burned, time spent, distance travelled and so on. The console has a 5 inch screen size, so that this is all perfectly visible as you train.

It also has good quality built in speakers, an AUX port for device connectivity and Bluetooth. Finally, you get a tablet holder and two water bottle holders (in case you get really thirsty, I guess…)

The EzRun is a weighty beast, as mentioned above. In fact, it comes in at 86kg, which is more than most athletes weight. However, this gives it a rare degree of stability not often found in foldable treadmills, and there are transport wheels attached to the rear for ease of movement.

It has a top user weight of 130kg, which is fairly standard, though the quality and weight of the build means that anyone up to this point will feel very much like they are in safe hands.

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Using The DKN EzRun Treadmill

DKN EzRun Treadmill

The EzRun Treadmill is easy and quite fun to use. You certainly don’t feel like you’re using a machine that cost less than a thousand pounds – it feels more like a gym quality, permanent fixture bought for a couple of grand.

I tend not to use programmes as I like to control what I’m doing manually – I think (!) I can be honest with myself to be able to do so effectively.

However, I trialled a few of the programmes on the EzRun and liked what I found. There are options for connecting it to Kinomap, and the pre-set programmes include Fartlek options as well as heart rate boosters and all the usual gubbins.

As a folding treadmill, its ability to easily be folded away is of course very important – if it fails here, you may as well get a permanent treadmill and either save some money or get a potentially better quality model for the same outlay. Luckily, the EzRun passes well. It is easy and can be done at any strength level, negating the downsides to the machine’s hefty weight.

The incline works efficiently, both manual and pre-set, though it isn’t too impressive. 12% will be sufficient for most runners, but I like to get a bit quad and glute heavy, so felt a little let down.

This is made up for by the running track, though. As above, it’s larger than average. I’m a small athlete, so don’t tend to struggle here, but have trained larger athletes and found some models to be a struggle. I can’t imagine anyone having too many issues here – it’s long and wide enough to accommodate most people.

It’s also comfortable and safe on the joints – it is firm with a little give and some decent cushioning. This is important for anyone, vital to those with a fair amount of bodyfat to lose. A less forgiving surface will put the weight of their considerable mass in motion into their joints in quite a jarring, ruinous way. That shouldn’t happen with the EzRun – ankles, knees and hips need not be afraid.

There are some additional fairly standard, yet well executed safety features you get with the EzRun. The side bars are a little short, but offer great support and are as solidly built as the rest of the frame. A running safety cord that you can attach to yourself as you run will shut the motor off very quickly.

Overall, therefore, I would highly recommend the EzRun for any larger athletes looking to open up a caloric deficit and slim down, for any newcomers looking for a safe, reliable way to train, and for those more intermediate runners looking for a model that will last them a long time as they pound the miles away.

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DKN EzRun Treadmill

The speakers aren’t great, which is perhaps my main gripe with the EzRun. It doesn’t detract from the experience too much as we can all listen to music through our phones these days, but it is clearly an area brought in as a bit of a sloppy afterthought, with none of their otherwise superb attention to detail.

The best feature, for me, is less of a feature and more of an accomplishment of overall design. As mentioned above, it is common enough to have a folding treadmill that functions sub-par.

It is common to have a good-quality treadmill available with change from a grand that nevertheless dominates any space, with few options for moving it elsewhere.

DKN seem to have found the perfect ratio of quality and ease of storage, here. I’m not sure how, but I hope other manufacturers take note – this could, and should, become an industry norm. Until then, DKN seem to have cornered the market in balancing liveability with functionality.


I wouldn’t recommend the EzRun for any experienced athletes. It simply doesn’t challenge you enough through the inclines and, as well-built as it is for a folding treadmill, it is still a folding treadmill. Advanced runners would be better served with a stationary model.

However, for beginner to intermediate level runners, looking to balance training requirements with spatial comfort at home, it is perfect. It is perfect, too, for larger athletes looking to build a caloric deficit and lose weight safely and conveniently.

The connectivity options and pre-set programmes will keep you on-point and entertained, the safety features are exactly what you need them to be, and the stability of the frame coupled with the safety, comfort and large surface area of the running belt will keep you in one piece with whatever stride length or power you need to put down.

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