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BodyTrain treadmills have grown in popularity over recent months and given that working out from home is becoming more and more popular, the demand for these budget running machines looks set to continue to rise.

Having heard such good things about this UK brand we thought it was about time we put them to the test and so here we are with our full BodyTrain treadmill reviews article.

There are more than 5 variants in the BodyTrain series but at the time of the review we could only get our hands on three models, the BodyTrain Strider T600, The T900 Elite Treadmill and The BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill.

Luckily for us, we were told that these were the top 3 models that BodyTrain manufacture and so, armed with a handy next delivery scheduled – we set about our BodyTrain treadmill reviews.

Our BodyTrain Treadmills Review

These three models are not too dissimilarly priced (with just £120 separating the highest to lowest priced models) and so we weren’t expecting there to be too much of a difference in testing.

However, we did find some key differences so if you are considering buying one of these models we would suggest you read this review in full.

BodyTrain Strider T600 Treadmill

T600 Bodytrain treadmill

The T600 Treadmill is the lowest priced of the BodyTrain range that we tested but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a big punch.

It has a range of features that more expensive treadmills struggle to match and has a powerful motor and powered incline that help to provide plenty of challenge for its users.

If you are looking for a true budget option from BodyTrain then their BPM folding treadmill is one option – however that model isn’t in the same league as any of those reviewed here and the T600 is pretty budget in its own right considering its features, build quality and usability.

The first thing to point out is that the T600 is a fully foldable machine so it is an ideal option for those who are using it in a home gym or even in a multi-use room in the home. When in use, the T600 measures up at 168cm (l) x 70cm (w) x 130cm (h) which is around the average for the price point.

The running track is more than adequate in length and width to enable the user to really push when running and although we would probably pitch this model at beginner to intermediate level users, it should also suffice for those who want to break in to the odd sprint. A belt width of 42cm and a length of 121cm compares well against other models.

The Strider T600 is incredibly well built and has quality components on the inside as well as the outside. The external housing is solid and the 58kg unit feels stable and substantial when running – including when using the powered incline at its full 15% incline.

There is a 1.75HP motor (we tend to consider 1.5HP the minimum for a decent treadmill) which provides optimal power to propel the track and the runner to top speeds of 14KPH.

There is a maximum user weight of 100kg which might be limiting for some users (for those over 100kg take a look at the F30 XTI) but for those who fall under that limit then this is a good option.

Using the T600 is pretty intuitive and anyone who has used a treadmill before will not be phased by the interface. The large centre console is impressive and dominates the eye line when using the treadmill. The soft touch keys are easy to navigate and the large LCD display gives feedback on all the usual user data as well as heart rate readouts which it obtains from the built in pulse sensors.

Operating the various settings can be done manually or using one of the 12 built in pre-set programs. There are quick select speed and incline settings on the handlebars as well as on the centre console and this means making adjustments mid-run is pretty straightforward.

The overall design of the unit is excellent with solid side bars that provide some extra stability although we would prefer these to be a little longer. The unit performs fairly quietly and the track is smooth running and has an excellent level of grip. The suspension offers a good level of shock absorption which is ideal for reducing stress on the joints too.

You get app connectivity between the T600 and the G-Fit mobile app which allows you to track your progress over time. There is also an aux 3.5mm port for playing music and the speakers are effective if not mind blowing.

In terms of maintenance, the Strider T600 is pretty easy to live with. It has a built in oil dispenser that keep all of the internal components perfectly lubricated and this will just need topping up once a year or so.

This is ideal for home users who don’t want the hassle of ongoing maintenance and for casual users the chances are this won’t need any maintenance for the first few years of ownership.

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BodyTrain T900 Elite Treadmill

t900 treadmill

The T900 Elite from BodyTrain is very similar to the T600 in terms of both its specs and its price point.

Indeed, at the time of writing it was only £10 more expensive to buy the T900 and we would say it is worth opting for this model purely because of one feature – and that is that it has a slightly larger running deck with an extra 2cm length (the width is the same).

Although this may seem like a small difference, the 123cm deck takes the already generous T600 dimensions to a slightly more generous level and for anyone who is over 6 feet tall this will be a welcome addition.

You still get the same 1.75HP motor, 15% incline, heart rate monitor and intuitive LCD control panel with app connectivity – but there are a couple of minor tweaks worth mentioning.

First off, it is important to say that the T900 is an exceptional treadmill at its price point. It takes everything that is offered in the T600 and goes a small step further. One such improvement is in the shock absorption.

Though there is clearly some stress reducing suspension on the T600 model, the T900 model takes this to a new level and we felt a marked improvement in the way the suspensions performed on this version. It is not too bouncy, nor too firm, and you can without a doubt feel the difference when compared to running on hard outdoor surfaces such as tarmac.

There are 9 preset programs to choose from on this model which means the software is slightly different, but what you gain is the ability to configure 3 user programmable modes which can then be saved and returned to whenever you choose. This is a really nice feature and something that is usually found on more expensive models.

The nuts and bolts of this machine are pretty much the same as the T600 when it comes to motor power, inclines and noise levels and overall it provides a great user experience. It’s completely foldable and so can be stored easily and weighing in at 65kg, the front and rear loaded transport wheels make it easy to move around for storage or to workout in a more open space.

The T900 wins it by a smidge compared to the T600 but both models impress.

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BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill

F30 BodyTrain Treadmill

The BodyTrain F30 XTI Treadmill was the most expensive Body Train treadmill that we reviewed – that being said, it still offers incredibly good value when compared to other brands and the fact that it is UK made and supplied makes it even more appealing to us.

Considering this model only costs around £100 more than the T600 and T900 you get an awful lot more for your money, so let’s take a look at exactly what it promises.

The first notable difference is the improved 3HP motor. This is a significant upgrade and will be worth the investment for users who are looking to take longer runs (1 hour plus) several times per week or those who want to be able to run shorter distances at faster speeds.

The top speed of this machine is 16KPH which should more than suffice for all but the most elite of users – and as far as casual home cardio goes then this model is more than up to the task.

You still get the powered incline that has 15 levels up to 15% in total. This works seamlessly and can be automatically controlled by the pre-set programs or can be adjusted manually using the buttons on the main console or the quick select buttons on the handlebars. Either way, it is all mechanically controlled and is all pretty smooth in its operation.

The F30 XTI has a significant upgrade to its suspension too. The running track suspension is fully adjustable so you can determine exactly how much support you offer your joints or how firm you want your run.

This is ideal for homes that have multiple users, some of whom might have different requirements. It is also useful for sole users who might need a recovery run without putting additional stress on their lower body.

The F30 XTI can hold a maximum user weight of 130kg which is an additional 30kg than the other models we tested and this shows in the build quality. The other models are perfectly adequate but it is clear the F30 is a step up in class – in all respects.

The running track is the largest of all those we tested with a length of 135cm and a width of 47cm – these dimensions really are impressive and when coupled with the longer safety arms this model really does allow you to push yourself to your limits and still feel safe and secure.

This machine is the heaviest of all those we tested at 80kg but is still easy to move around thanks to its storage wheels and is fully foldable for ease of storage.


If you have the budget, then we would have to say the F30 XTI is by far the best model we tested – but if you are still on the fence or are looking for something cheaper then why not check out our top folding treadmills here.

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