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As more of us start to lead less active lifestyles, particularly whilst working, our need for staying active increases. The problem is, it can be hard to ‘get your steps in’ when you have a myriad other things going on. In addition, we don’t all have huge spaces to store home based cardio equipment such as treadmills or spin bikes and finding time to go to the gym can be hard.

This is where the Bigzzia treadmill comes in to its own. As a walking pad/flat treadmill it can provide the convenience of at home cardio without the space and costs associated with full sized or even folding treadmills.

We decided to take this walking pad for a spin for a few weeks to see how we got on with it. Our results are in and you can read all about it right here in our Bigzzia Treadmill review.

Bigzzia – An Introduction

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey)

Bigzzia are not exactly the biggest brand name when it comes to treadmills or home fitness for that matter.

However, they do manufacture a range of home cardio equipment with folding exercise bikes, vibration plates and a range of treadmills in their repertoire. They also sell a wide range of outdoor and garden furniture and accessories.

Although they are not particularly well known in the cardio equipment game, they have generally very positive reviews and they are very much at the budget end of the spectrum – so it’s not like you are going to be investing thousands in their equipment. What you get though, is some decently spec’d, high quality and highly rated products at a very reasonable price.

We have used other Bigzzia products in the past and had good experiences with them so we were fairly optimistic about the Bigzzia treadmill when we received it.

Bigzzia Treadmill Specs & Features

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey)

There are several Bigzzia treadmills to choose from, but we opted for the running pad model with built in remote controller (we have linked it below).

The reason we chose this model is that it promises to offer a lot for those who are at an entry level when it comes to home cardio. Those seeking a more comprehensive budget home workout might be better suited to something with a bit more bite such as the JTX Sprint 3.

To be clear, this model is aimed at beginners and those who will likely want to use their treadmill for walking or at the absolute most, a light jog.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of this particular Bigzzia treadmill model is the fact that it can be stored completely flat. This means it can easily be placed in a cupboard, under a bed or even stood up against a wall and take up a minimal footprint in your home.

The Bigzzia treadmill measures up at 120cm (l) x 50cm (w) x 14cm (h). This incredibly low height of just 14cm is what really sets it apart from other treadmills. Even as far as walking pads go, the Bigzzia is incredibly compact.

The running pad is also pretty compact though, which is why we would ideally recommend you only use this model for walking. The walking/running track measures up at 102cm (l) x 39cm (w) – this isn’t terrible by any means, but trying to run on this with no support would be a mistake.

The Bigzzia can reach top speeds of 10kph. This would be too slow for a standard treadmill but for a walking pad it offers a good deal of challenge. It has a remote control included that can be used to alter the speed – this is crucial as there is no control panel within reach and it would be dangerous to try and change settings from the base. This does mean you will need to carry the remote as you run.

There is an integrated LCD display just ahead of the front of the running track. Viewing the screen at the level of your feet does take a bit of getting used to but it is great to have it all the same and the display is large enough to make out the key data (time, distance, calories, speed) whilst walking.

The motor that powers the Bigzzia is an impressive 1.5HP and that keeps everything running smoothly. The treadmill is made from steel and the walking/running pad has no less than 5 levels of suspension to keep everything comfortable underfoot. The machine weighs in at 23.5kg which makes it easy enough to move around your home (even easier thanks to the included transport wheels) and it can take a maximum user weight of 110kg. We’d have preferred this to be slightly higher as those users who are considering buying a walking pad may well be at the higher end of the weight spectrum – but 110kg max weight does make it accessible to most.

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The Bigzzia Treadmill In Use

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey)

Having used some Bigzzia products before, we had relatively high expectations of this treadmill. It is affordable and as such you have to have your expectations in line with the price point at which you are paying – and ours were probably a couple of notches above where they should have been.

However, the Bigzzia treadmill impressed us all the same. The first thing that is great about this product and that you instantly have gratitude for is that it is ready made. There is no assembly required which is rare for a treadmill.

Using the Bigzzia for the first time is relatively simple as there is not too much in the way of functionality going on with it. You can switch it on and off with the included remote control as well as control the speed in increments of 0.5kph.

Everything works well, the treadmill is instantly responsive to the input from the remote controller and it’s all very intuitive in use.

Where the Bigzzia really sets itself apart from other walking pads is how it feels. The motor is relatively powerful. If we compare its 1.5HP motor to those found on premium heavy duty treadmills it stacks up well. Top-end models will still find themselves powered by 3HP and they have to deal with inclines and much higher speeds.

The Bigzzia just has to power a maximum weight of 110kg at a top speed of 10kph – and its 1.5HP motor does this with ease. We really were not expecting the treadmill to operates as smoothly as it did.

In addition to the smooth belt, the 5 layered suspension is also impressive. It provides ample support to the joints without being overly bouncy. It actually feels on the firm side, so those that prefer a more natural feel underfoot will like the Bigzzia. If you do break out in to a moderate jog then you will notice a little more give but this is relative to what you put in.

Bigzzia Motorised Treadmill, Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Running Pad Flat Slim Machine with Remote Control and LCD Display for Home Office Gym Use, Installation-Free (Iron grey)

Although the track on the Bigzzia is on the small side, it is fine for brisk walking – and actually this is where this treadmill performs at its best. It can handle brisk walking perfectly and for anyone looking to increase their cardio in a comfortable (but effective) way then brisk walking is the perfect place to start.

In fact, many of us in the Fitness Push office prefer brisk walking to any other form of cardio as it is more enjoyable and causes less pressure on the joints which promotes long term joint health.

You can even use the Bigzzia underneath a desk. Now you won’t get quite the same benefit if using this model seated and depending on the type of seat you have it might be tricky to get the positioning right, but in theory you could use this treadmill under a desk. For most though, using it as a standard walking pad or under a standing desk is going to work very well.

There is no connectivity of any kind with this model. You do not have bluetooth and you won’t be able to sync it to any walking or running apps. This is no big deal though as that isn’t really the intention behind this machine. The whole point of the Bigzzia treadmill is to give you an effective cardio option in your home that is quick and easy – and it succeeds with both of these objectives.

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The Bigzzia treadmill is a really competent home treadmill for those who want it for a brisk walk. For anyone wanting more than a brisk walk then we’d suggest looking at something that offers a little more stability and safety.

The Bigzzia is relatively cheap, is really well made and is the easiest to store treadmill we have come across. It works well and provides a really good level of challenge for those wanting to stick to walking for their home cardio.

We love the Bigzzia. We wish it had a slightly higher maximum weight threshold to give more people access to it but for anyone under 110kg and looking for a treadmill for walking in your home then this is a top pick. Pair it with a standing desk and you could just have the ultimate home office setup.

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