Addsfit Massage Gun Deep Tissue Review

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The benefits of deep tissue sports massage therapies are widely recognised with perhaps the biggest benefits being the ability to speed up muscle recovery post-workout/exercise and the prevention of injury.

Professional sports massages can be costly and over time the costs certainly add up and so more and more people are turning to deep tissue massage guns such as the Addsfit Deep Tissue Massage Gun.

With so many models on the market and with prices ranging from £50 to over £450 it is difficult to know which one to opt for – so we have decided to bring you a series of our favourites and we are starting with the Addsfit.

The Addsfit Massage Gun is a mid priced piece of equipment that won’t break the bank but offers some killer features so we took it on a test drive for 30 days and here we are to bring you our full Addsfit Massage Gun review.

Why Addsfit?

Addsfit are a relatively new company but as massage guns are still a relatively new concept there are not many companies that have decades of experience manufacturing them. What first attracted us to the Addsfit Massage Gun (also known as the Addsfit Max) was the strong branding, excellent customer reviews and the tech specs of the product itself.

The Addsfit Max does stand out amongst the competitors and when you open the box you will know you made a good decision thanks to the quality of massage heads and the impressive feel of the unit.

This is not a lightweight massage gun and it packs a punch (as we will get on to shortly) but it is also backed by a one year warranty which you can extend to three years for free after purchasing by heading to the Addsfit website. A company that backs their product for three years is always a good sign.

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Addsfit Massage Gun Specs

addsfit Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Quiet Professional Muscle Percussion Massager, 9 Speeds, 5 Heads, for Fitness Recovery, Trigger Point Massage, Athletes to Enhance Performance

The Addsfit Massage Gun has a similar design to many of the cheaper massage guns on the market but don’t be fooled by this similarity. There are three key reasons that this model is better than those at the £50-£75 price range.

Firstly, the Addsfit has a 2500mAH battery which from our testing provided us with at least a week’s worth of charge when using on a daily basis for 20-30 minutes.

This is extremely convenient and although charging the massage gun is easy to do it is also means that anyone using it for professional use can get by on a single battery for a day’s worth of usage with up to six hours juice from a single charge.

The second thing that makes the Addsfit stand out from the cheaper competition is the high quality materials and internal components that have been used in the build of the product. From the outer casing to the anti-perspiration silicon massage heads, everything about this massage gun screams quality. Believe us when we say you can really tell the difference when it comes to the massage heads and how they feel on contact with your skin.

The third aspect of the Addsfit that struck us was the power of the motor and how that makes for a comfortable but effective massage. The motor can produce between 1700 and 3300 percussions per minute and has a stroke depth of 12mm with a force of 35 pounds.

That translates to a highly targeted and deep tissue massage that you really feel. The power is fully controllable and is displayed on the rear of the device with an LED ring of lights displaying the current setting.

There are 5 different massage heads included as standard compared to just a single ball that some models come supplied with. These different attachments are for better targeting of key body parts and to provide different levels of impact that are suitable to those muscles. The five heads that are included are a dampener, trigger flat head, thumb, wedge and fork.

This massage gun is comfortable to hold and although it is not lightweight it is ergonomically designed with the handle being just the right size for one-handed use. The handle (which is also the battery) also features indentations that assist with gripping the unit.

It weighs in at 900g but if this is a concern for you then you might want to consider the Addsfit Mini which weighs just 360g but does have less functionality. To add to the comfort of the Addsfit Max we are pleased to say it is one of the quietest massage guns we have tested with a noise level of just 39db when measured at a 30cm distance from the product when in use. In real terms we would define it as quiet.

Unlike some massage guns, the Addsfit can be used all over the body thanks to the various heads that are included and the ease at which you can control the force of the massage. Everything can be stored in the storage case that comes supplied with the product which is a nice touch.

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30-Day Addsfit Massage Gun Review

addsfit Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Quiet Professional Muscle Percussion Massager, 9 Speeds, 5 Heads, for Fitness Recovery, Trigger Point Massage, Athletes to Enhance Performance

If you have ever had the pleasure of a sports massage you might understand why the term ‘enjoyable’ is not one that you might associate with the experience – despite this, we would actually say that it has been a joy to use the Addsfit deep tissue massage gun for the last month.

Deep tissue massages can be painful when you are having them and although you can completely control the force and use the correct attachments for the right muscles the reality is that it can still be painful when massaging the deep tissue fibres.

The enjoyable part comes afterwards when you feel instant and long lasting relief that promotes fast muscle recovery and really allowing your muscles to loosen up.

The Addsfit deep tissue massage gun is easy to use but comes with instructions which are easy to follow and pretty detailed. The hardest part of using it when you first take delivery is changing the various massage heads.

It is actually very simple to do but you might feel like you are forcing it or going to break them, but they simply push in and pull out to change them – once you have done this a couple of times you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

With percussions per minute (ppm) ranging from 1700 to 3300 there is plenty of scope for choosing different intensity levels on the Addsfit. With 9 speed levels to choose from in total and all controllable from a twisting dial you really do get a good level of control when using this device.

For the most part you are perfectly able to self-massage but there are some areas that prove a little more problematic – namely the mid to lower back and the glutes. This is in no way a design flaw on the part of Addsfit but more a limitation of our basic bodily movements and flexibility as it is very difficult to be able to reach those parts of your own body.

For the back, as a general rule we would suggest asking a third party to help you – you can always offer to return the favour which tends to go down well. For all other body parts though you are able to easily target most key muscle groups and provide almost instant relief from any tightness or soreness.

When starting out we would suggest starting on the lowest power setting and until you get used to all of the attachments the dampener is probably the most user friendly and least intrusive (or painful for want of a better word) of all the massage heads. You can then work up the intensity as you really look to work deep in to your muscle tissue and experiment with the various heads for a more targeted and deeper massage.

Although you can 100% use the Addsfit on your own we found it most comfortable and effective when having a partner to help. At less than 1kg, the device is not heavy or cumbersome to hold in any way but if you are targeting multiple areas and massaging for 20-30 minutes then it can become tiring to hold for that length of time. For short bursts targeting one or two muscles then it is more than comfortable and you can administer your own massage easily.

You can use massage guns as often as you like but we found that for those who have regular sports massages then 10-15 minutes after rigorous exercise should be more than enough to aid recovery and for most people that simply hit the gym a few times per week then a couple of uses per week will likely suffice and will promote excellent muscle recovery.

For those who compete professionally or frequently put their bodies through intense physical strain then 5 times per week can be really beneficial or a couple of sessions lasting 25-30 minutes can also be highly effective.

We loved the Addsfit Massage Gun so much that it has found a new home in the Fitness Push office and generally gets used a few times per week. At first, it was a bit of a novelty but now it seems that the genuine muscle recovery that it promotes is needed and wanted by all of us. Yes, it can be difficult to target certain areas if going solo but when you have someone to help it really does push deep in to those muscles and help to loosen them.

  • Battery Life
  • Attachments
  • Ease Of Use
  • Value For Money


The Addsfit Massage Gun is a handy piece of kit that provides targeted deep tissue massage to all major muscle groups with specific head attachments that are well made and fit for purpose. If you pay for regular sports massages then you can save yourself a small fortune with one of these and when compared to other models the Addsfit stacks up really well. The 3 year warranty is a deal clincher for us and places this as the best mid-range massage gun on the UK market right now.



Excellent battery life

Well built and high quality massage heads

Good range of massage speeds

Storage case included

Very quiet to use compared to other models


Can feel heavy after long usage

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