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CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor,Electric Walking Machine Bluetooth Built-in Speakers,Adjustable Speed, LCD Screen&Calorie Counter,Ultra Thin and Silent,Intended for Home/Office

Walking and jogging always will – and always should – form a core component of many peoples’ cardiovascular training routines.

There is good reason for this: it’s easy for most people to get into, is accessible to most people, and will raise your heartrate, work your leg and hip muscles and bones, will allow for the maintenance of a decent calorie deficit if somebody is looking to lose weight, and can elicit many of the positive hormonal responses associated with exercise.

I would urge anybody to maintain a minimum step count of at least 5,000 per day on average, if practical, for these reasons.

However, getting out to perform these steps or complete jogging routes can be impractical, unpleasant, and often outright dangerous.

Weather can be your friend – lovely, sunny days with a gentle breeze can make for a fantastic walk or jog. Or it can be your enemy – short winter days, sub-zero temperatures and icy surfaces are not so great.

If your schedule dictates that you have to go out in the dark, either early morning or at night, you also run the risks inherent to a lack of light. You will be more accident prone as visibility decreases, and obviously you will be more exposed to assault.

Treadmills are therefore a good bet. They allow you to gain most of the benefits of walking and jogging (pretty much all the physical ones) from the comfort of your own home or gym – safe, warm, dry, and surrounded by all the media and home comforts you could want.

If you’re looking for a treadmill to use at home, however, they aren’t always easy to live with. They can be bulky and unmanageable. This means they take up a lot of space, which we don’t all have the capacity to facilitate.

I therefore like slimline or foldable treadmills. Though you often have to sacrifice a bit in quality and usability, the convenience of having a machine that you can simply slide under your bed when you’re done more than makes up for it.

They can also be very reasonably priced: this is where Citysports’ 440W treadmill comes into its own.

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First Impressions Of The Citysports Treadmill

CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor,Electric Walking Machine Bluetooth Built-in Speakers,Adjustable Speed, LCD Screen&Calorie Counter,Ultra Thin and Silent,Intended for Home/Office

My first impressions are good surrounding Citysports’ 440W treadmill.

It is slimline (flat as a pancake, in fact), nice to look at, with elegant black sculpting and lovely blue trim, and the user controls look as good as any flat treadmill’s can (they are pretty and usable, but pretty much on the ground, which is bad for myopics like me!).

It’s also very reasonably priced. Though you can get at-home, storable options for several grand (more on this below), Citysports’ 440W treadmill is an entry level model at around two hundred and fifty pounds.

For me, this beats any overpriced piece of space age technology – it seems simple, humble, incredibly functional, and overall, a bit of a bargain.

Some of the specs don’t do you any favours – again, more on this below – but you can’t argue with the price or liveability of the thing. Citysports’ 440W treadmill does seem to be a little bit wonderful.

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Citysports Treadmill Specs And Features

CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor,Electric Walking Machine Bluetooth Built-in Speakers,Adjustable Speed, LCD Screen&Calorie Counter,Ultra Thin and Silent,Intended for Home/Office

Citysports’ 440W treadmill has all the gadgets, gizmos and tech you could want from a piece of home cardio equipment.

It mostly all revolves around a smart LCD screen, which shows you all the usual data points you might need – speed, calories burned, distance travelled, number of steps taken, time spent training and so on – all as part of a clear, precise layout.

The LCD screen also shows speed settings, though these are adjusted via remote control – the screen is set into the base of the flat, ground level machine, so it makes sense!

The speed isn’t the most impressive, though it’s relatively standard for this kind of flat treadmill – more a walker than a treadmill, really.

You can take it from 1–6km per hour, which is on the slower side. To put this into context, when I used to run, I would complete 10km races in under an hour, which isn’t all that impressive. That means a consistent speed of 11–13km per hour.

6kph doesn’t quite cut it.

There are also no incline options, which is unsurprising in this kind of flatter machine (it’s one of the trade-offs you lose by not going for a full treadmill). Altogether, you’re never going to get a killer workout from Citysports’ 440W treadmill – though this isn’t the point, as I’ll go into below.

The 440W comes with Bluetooth integrated speakers, so you can play media through any connected device.

The hardware build is clever. The 440W is portable, slim, and near silent, making it perfect for use at home. It also features a non-slip anti-static lawn texture running belt, which will keep you safe and upright as you train.

The whole base is 1340x590x125mm, with a 430x1080mm running belt. It weighs just under 30kg and has a decent upper user weight limit of 110kg.

Citysports provide a one-year warranty and have a great technical team on hand if you ever need any help.

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Using The Citysports Treadmill

CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor,Electric Walking Machine Bluetooth Built-in Speakers,Adjustable Speed, LCD Screen&Calorie Counter,Ultra Thin and Silent,Intended for Home/Office

As above, the 440 doesn’t have a fast enough top speed, nor a decent incline setting, for it to be used as a treadmill per se. It won’t leave most people gasping for air, legs burning, as a decent run might. This isn’t what it’s for, however.

It’s more of a walker, which function it serves very ably.

Realistically, a good walker needs a few things going for it. It needs to take a generous top weight, for starters. Walking is amazing for weight loss in larger athletes.

It is a low impact way to burn through calories without being too burdensome and is a great introduction into the world and routine of exercise. at 110kg, the 440 can take most people, making it perfect for those with a lot of weight to lose.

With this in mind, a walker’s tread needs to be supported, cushioned, and stable. The non-slip anti-static lawn texture running belt has this covered in the 440. It also has decent shock absorption, making it a far more attractive prospect for long term use than walking outside, especially for those carrying a little extra weight.

A good walker also has to be quiet, as it will be used mostly at home; the 440 is near silent. It also needs to be easy to move and put away. Again, the 440 is good here – it is no trouble at all to move, is pretty light, and is small enough to fit under most beds.

The tech is easy to use and the screen is easy to read, so that every element of functionality for which the 440 is designed works well – it pulls everything off very capably.

Then there is the option to take things up a notch. Though 6kph is no record-breaking speed, it is enough to get anyone puffed and sweaty after twenty minutes or so.

It is pleasant to use, fulfils its function well, and is lovely to live with. The 440 is very impressive and is a complete bargain at two hundred and fifty or so quid.

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Alternative To The Citysports Treadmill

The 440 is a great, budget friendly model that will allow you to get a fast walk or a bit of a reasonable jog on, without dominating floorspace at home. However, if you have a larger budget and want something that is equally easy to live with and that will give you a lot more, both in terms of performance and gadgets, a foldable treadmill might be a good option.

I would always recommend Proform’s Performance 600i. It folds really easily and makes use of Proform’s popular SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist technology.

You will be able to fold it down flat and move it very easily, storing it anywhere. It’s also very solidly built to a terrific design, giving you all the support you could ever want from a treadmill.

The usability is fantastic, too. The 600i comes with Proform’s advanced ProShox Cushioning System for shock absorption, keeping your joints safe and pain free. It can take you up to a 12% incline, giving you far more versatility in your training, and can go up to 12mph, which is great improvement on the 440.

The console is on the basic side, but it gives you everything you could ever want. You get 22 built-in workouts, including options like interval programmes, heart rate based programmes, weight loss programmes and so forth. It also comes with iFit, which is like having a personal trainer online, at home.

It costs you – look at a fifteen hundred or so, not a couple of hundred. However, if you’re serious about running and want the best user experience going, it is a very good option.

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Citysports’ 440W treadmill is a very nifty little runner. It won’t serve you if you’re into running – it simply won’t go fast enough to challenge many people. However, if you are into endurance work and want a more sedate pace over longer distances, or if you’re just starting out and this is your natural pace, it’s a good one.

It stores easily, with little effort involved in moving it about, gives you everything you need for a decent workout, and runs quietly and smoothly enough to feature in your everyday life without hurting you or inconveniencing anyone else.

That’s an awful lot for just a couple of hundred quid.

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