Best Weighted Jump Ropes

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Jump ropes are an excellent form of cardiovascular training as well as being excellent for developing strength and endurance. Weighted jump ropes provide that extra level of challenge and allow for progression in your training of the sort you might associate with HIIT workouts or progressive overload training principles.

As well as weighted jump ropes (or skipping ropes as they are often referred to) offering a highly effective workout they are also incredibly fun to use and are a staple of many CrossFit workouts with moves such as double unders providing further challenge.

As with anything in the fitness industry, there is a wide range of quality in the ropes available to buy. To make things easier we have compiled our best weighted jump ropes in the UK and bring you our top 8 list right here.

Whether you are looking to improve strength, speed, flexibility, stamina, cardiovascular performance or just looking to use it for weight loss – the jump rope is a perfect and highly convenient option that can achieve all of those targets.

Our Best Weighted Jump Ropes

We reviewed over 15 different jump ropes over a 4 week period. We were looking for quality, durability, affordability and versatility and managed to whittle 15 down to our top 8.

We have listed these ropes in order of our preference – 1 being the best, but it is worth reading through these reviews rather than just opting for our top pick as the best rope for you might not be the most suitable for someone else.

For example, some of these ropes are better suited to strength training and others are better suited to endurance training.

Bemaxx Jump Rope (0.44lb)

Skipping Rope Adult + Workout Guide & Extra Cable | super thin & easily adjustable Jumping Crossrope - Double Unders | Home Fitness Jump Sport, Crossfit Boxing Speed Exercise Training MMA RPM Children

Although the Bemaxx weighted jump rope is not strictly speaking a full on weighted rope, it does have almost 1/2lb of weight which is ideal for cardio based workouts.

The reason the Bemaxx makes it on to our top skipping ropes list is that the ball bearings that help the rotation of the rope are absolutely top class. Not only that, but the handles are incredibly comfortable to use and for us were just the right level of thickness.

If you are looking to vary up your training by having two different weights of jump ropes to switch between or if you are looking to predominantly undertake long cardio based sessions then the Bemaxx is an excellent choice.

Pair this up with the Valour or AUTUWT and you have a 1/2lb and 1lb rope for less than £50.

The Bemaxx features a pretty unique 90 degree attachment between the rope and the handle which allows for super smooth and (crucially) super fast revolutions which will have you performing multiple double unders in no time at all.

If you are looking for a weighted skipping rope that is big on quality, super comfortable to use and is built to last then you can’t go far wrong with the Bemaxx.

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Crossrope (1/4lb – 2lb)

jump rope

Crossrope have taken weighted jump ropes and gone one step further. They are not cheap, but they are pretty much the best on the market right now in terms of product range, quality and ease of use.

They even have a dedicated app with a range of workouts that are designed to help you make rapid progress right from beginner to advanced levels.

You can purchase their ropes and handles individually or in bundles which provide better value for money. One thing we absolutely love about Crossrope is that the ropes contain the weight rather than the handles.

This provides for a real good sense of balance when using the ropes and means your shoulders get a real good workout and not just your wrists.

There are two types of handles, the thicker handles and the thinner versions. The former are designed to be used with the two heaviest ropes – the 1lb and 2lb ropes, while the thin handles are for the lighter 1/4lb and 1/2lb ropes.

The 2lb rope is a real beast and can be used for all kinds of all body workouts – not just simply for skipping. If you want the full experience and plan on using your ropes for strength and cardio based exercise then opting for the full bundle is well worth your while – whereas you will want to stick to the lighter ropes if CrossFit and cardio is more your style.

The handles on Crossrope ropes are simply the best we have seen. They have a quick clip and detach feature to allow you to switch ropes quickly mid-workout and the guided workouts within the app will ask you to switch ropes at certain intervals depending on which type of workout you are undertaking.

The app is free although there is a pro version for around £8 per month which gives you access to even more workouts and even includes a jump counter so you can track your progress over time.

If budget is not an issue then Crossrope is hands down the best option no matter what your fitness goal is.

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Valour Strike Leather Rope (1.1lb)

Valour Strike Leather Weighted Skipping Rope | Weighted Jump Rope for Boxing, Fitness Training, HIIT, MMA, Weight Loss, Exercise or Fat Burning | Skipping Ropes Adult, Men & Women Workout Equipment

The Valour Strike jump rope is a more traditional leather skipping rope that has removable weights in the wooden handles which make this a very versatile rope to use.

The weights in the handles provide up to 1.1lb of weight which is ample for most types of workout and the rope itself holds a little weight too.

Despite its old school looks, the Valour Strike is a joy to use and features a modern bearing system that works beautifully to provide a perfectly smooth rotation.

The length of the rope is 9ft 2 inches and can be adjusted to the optimum length based on the height of the user and we would suggest this is suitable for anyone up to 6’3″ tall.

The rosewood handles are well made, comfortable to grip thanks to the 8 notches and as they are wood they are sweat resistant. They have a non-slip varnish which adds to the grip and we had no issues using the Valour ropes for multiple 30 minute workouts.

You won’t quite get the speed that you can achieve with the Bemaxx and 1/4lb Crossrope but if you are looking for a quality and robust rope that is affordable and can offer you a lightweight workout as well as a moderately weighted workout then the Valour Strike is a great option.

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AUTUWT Jump Rope (1lb)

AUTUWT Weighted Skipping Rope 1LB,Heavy Jump Rope 3 Meter Adjustable Length Bearing Tangle-Free Skipping Ropes For Adult Fitness,CrossFit, Boxing, MMA, Fitness Workout, Cardio Exercise

The AUTUWT jump rope has long been on our radar thanks to its low price point and great looks. Available in a range of colours, this is a weighted rope that really packs a punch thanks to the majority of the weight being in the rope itself rather than just the handles.

The PVC rope is 9.24mm in diameter and is really robust – in fact, it is pretty similar to the Crossrope with tangle free qualities and a real durable feel to it.

The handles are made from a high grade aluminium and house a 360 degree swivel bearing that provides a very smooth and flexible motion for the rope to rotate through.

Despite the 1lb weight, this rope can still move pretty quickly and you will be able to perform double-unders with a bit of practice.

There is a cotton version of the AUTUWT which we did not test, but the PVC version appeals far more to us thanks to its robust nature and should be better for quicker revolutions.

Overall, we found this to be a quality rope at a budget price with pretty much all boxes ticked for us!

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Beast Gear Elite – (minimal weight)

Beast Gear - Beast Rope Elite – Premium High Spec Aluminium Speed Skipping Rope for Fitness, Conditioning & Fat Loss. Ideal for Crossfit, Boxing, MMA, HIIT Interval Training & Double Unders

The Beast Gear Elite is the lightest of all the ropes we tested and in theory it is not really a weighted jump rope. However, it does have a minimal amount of weight behind it (just under 1/2lb) and it was one of the best ropes for usability.

As always with Beast Gear, they have used the highest quality materials and coupled them with a top notch design to bring a quality product to market.

The Beast Gear Elite is marketed as a speed rope and for anyone looking to perform high speed training or anyone who wants to focus on cardio then it is hard to beat this rope for the price.

The precision engineered ball bearings provide rotations that are as fluid as can be and it is hard to imagine a better experience from a mobility point of view. The aluminium handles are a little longer than standard as well as being quite thin – but they are very comfortable and have one of the best grips that we tested with handy grooves to aid this.

This rope is suitable for anyone up to around 6’4″ tall and is also very easy to adjust with an adjuster built in to the handle itself. The rope is highly durable but you also get a spare included just in case.

Anyone looking for a very lightweight speed rope will love the Beast Gear Elite.

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JAKAGO Rope (1.4lb)

JAKAGO Professional Weighted Jump Ropes 1.41LB Adjustable Speed Skipping Rope Ball Bearings Anti-Slip Handles Boxing MMA Cardio Training Full body Exercise (Blue, Large)

The Jakago rope is one of the heaviest cheap jump ropes that we found that was worth using. It has a whopping 1.4lb of weight and is also one of the best options for taller users with a rope length of almost 10 feet making it suitable for anyone up to around 6’8″.

Around a third of the weight is in the rope with the rest being distributed between the two aluminium handles but there is no way to lighten the rope which makes this an ideal rope for strength training or HIIT training.

The rope is of course fully adjustable and the only downside to this rope is that assembly was a tad trickier than some of the other models – certainly not a deal breaker though if you want a heavier rope.

The handles are well made and house the ball bearing system which provides a good fluid range of motion. The handles are quite thick with a 28mm diameter but both men and women should be fine using them.

The handles have a sponge foam like finish which is very comfortable and also absorbs any sweat – we can’t speak for the expected longevity of these though and we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a lot of wear to the outer foam over time.

The rope is made from fabric but withstood impact well and was a joy to use – although 1.4lb is pretty demanding! All in all, an excellent choice for taller users and anyone looking for a significantly heavier skipping experience.

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MIRAFIT Heavy Rope

Mirafit Battle Jump Rope - Choice of Size - Heavy Skipping Rope

Anyone looking for a seriously heavy jump rope will want to take a look at this offering from Mirafit. Available in a range of sizes and weights, these ropes are not for the faint hearted and are out and out strength conditioning ropes.

There are 2.8m and 3m length options and 1 inch thickness or 2 inch thicknesses to choose from with the lightest weight weighing in at 1.1kg and the heaviest weighing in at a whopping 3.9kg – that is a range of 2.4lb to 8.6lb!

The rope is made from a polyester weave which helps to keep the cost down but also ensure it is highly durable.

The handles are basic with a rubber coating and although they are comfortable to hold they do take a bit of adjusting to compared to the others on our list which feel more natural.

This is not the most versatile rope of those we tested but you will get a good strength workout when using it. Compared to other fitness products such as kettlebells and dumbbells of similar weights this rope compares favourably in terms of value for money.

A great buy for those serious about using ropes for strength training.

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Pulse Weighted Jump Rope (1lb)

Weighted Jump Rope by Pulse (1LB) with Memory Foam Handles and Thick Speed Cable - For cardio, boxing and MMA , endurance training, Fitness Workouts, Jumping Exercise

The Pulse jump rope is another great 1lb jump rope that is both quality made and affordable. Featuring ergonomically designed handles that are covered with a memory foam – it is one of the most comfortable ropes we used.

The handles hide the ball bearing system beneath them but this is flawless with a perfect fluid motion achievable when using the rope.

The rope is 10ft in length which makes it suitable for anyone up to 6’7″ and is pretty easy to adjust. Just be aware that to adjust this rope you will need to cut it so be very careful when measuring and always opt on the longer side when measuring your cuts.

The memory foam handles make the Pulse Rope a very enjoyable workout accessory to use and the 1lb weight (most of which is in the handles) is ideal for a range of uses including cardio, CrossFit, strength and endurance training.

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Jump Rope (Weighted) Benefits

Having already mentioned some of the key strength and cardio based benefits of using weighted skipping ropes here are a few other reasons you might want to choose a weighted rope as well as a few tips when looking for the right rope for you.

Fun To Use

There is no denying that most of us come across jump ropes as kids and there is one very good reason for that – they are fun to use.

Not only are they fun, they are one of the most efficient forms of exercise when it comes to expending energy and some studies even show it to be more effective than rowing.

Highly Portable

Jump ropes are one of the most portable fitness accessories you can own. You can throw a couple of ropes in a bag and use them pretty much anywhere so long as you have enough ceiling height and of course you can use them outdoors.

Having more than one weight of rope will allow you to expand your workout regime and make it more challenging.

Low Barriers To Entry

Jump ropes are pretty easy to use and although some are easier to use than others, most of the ropes we reviewed here (except the Mirafit) are very easy to use and because of that and the low price point for most ropes they have very low barriers to entry.

Easy To Progress With

Progressing with a jump rope is easy no matter what sort of training you are doing. Looking to increase fat burning then aim to keep your heart rate at around 65% of your max heart rate.

Looking to make it more cardio intense then just extend each skipping time or increase the weight. Looking to add muscle then add more weight.

Generally Affordable

Pretty much all of these ropes other than Crossrope are affordable for most people. Considering what you are getting for a £20-£30 investment it is well worth it.

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