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Rebounders are possibly one of the most fun pieces of equipment to use when looking to develop your cardiovascular fitness. Think back to happy days as a child (and adult for some of us) and bouncing away on a trampoline for hours on end. Rebounders are pretty much mini trampolines and the best rebounders are often small, easy to store and sometimes can even be folded away.

When it comes to developing and toning the lower body muscles and providing yourself with a full aerobic workout, there is little better to do the job than a rebounder.

Whether you are looking for a rebounder for home use, adding one to a commercial set up, for use indoors or use outdoors, we have made it our mission to find a rebounder that will suit your needs.

These mini-trampolines come in all shapes and sizes and range from relatively cheap to a more significant investment. Our list of the best rebounders below is in order of preference, with the first being our favourite – but it’s worth reading through as what’s best for another person might not be best for you – but we have tried to include products to suit all needs so we should have the top option for you.

Our 8 Best Rebounders (Mini-Trampolines)

All of these rebounders have been fully tested by a member of the Fitness Push team (we had a LOT of fun doing so) and all are brands that have excellent customer reviews and feedback and all models performed well in our testing.

So, let’s take a look at which products made the cut…

Boogie Bounce Elite Fitness Trampoline

Boogie Bounce rebounder

If you are looking for a top quality rebounder that makes every workout fun then the Boogie Bounce Elite is the one for you. Designed and made by a family run British company, the Boogie Bounce concept has evolved over almost two decades.

It can provide one of the most intense HIIT workouts but does so in a way that is fun and accessible for all. It can be used as a standalone unit, with the supplied DVD or in a more interactive way with the Boogie Bounce app (one month is included with your purchase).

The Boogie Bounce Elite Rebounder measures up at 99cm frame diameter with the mat surface having a generous 70cm diameter and is 27cm off the floor level. It features an adjustable handle from 71cm to 96cm in height and is suitable for standard domestic spaces – garages with low ceilings may be more of an issue though.

It is one of the most reasonably priced rebounders we tested and we were seriously blown away with both the ease of setup, and the overall build quality.

Boogie Bounce close up

It is almost silent in operation and can hold up to 20 stone in weight. You get spare parts included should anything go wrong but such is the quality we would say that is unlikely.

With the bundle you also get 3 pairs of gripper socks (which feel of high quality) and a storage bag. The entire unit folds down and can be fully assembled/disassembled in a matter of minutes – meaning you can easily store the Boogie Bounce under a bed or in a cupboard and just set it up when needed.

The range of exercises you can do are almost limitless and the app and DVD will give you plenty of ideas to get you started.

It’s been featured on ITV and won health and fitness awards – and the user testimonials speak for themselves.

It’s hard to think of a better form of home fitness that gives you such great results, is thoroughly enjoyable and is so accessible to all. Without a doubt, it’s our top pick and from such a wonderful company.

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FIT Bounce Pro II Rebounder

FIT BOUNCE PRO II Bungee Rebounder | Patent Awarded | Half Folding, Silent & Beautifully Engineered Professional Mini Trampoline for Adults & Kids | Includes DVDs, Storage Bag & Bounce Counter | Free Online Workouts

MaXimus Life Ltd is the British company behind the FIT Bounce Pro II – the flagship product in their lineup. It is not the cheapest rebounder on the market by any stretch but if you compare it to other forms of home cardio equipment it is one of the most cost effective and body safe ways to perform your home cardio workouts.

It weighs in at just 10kg, has a 99cm diameter frame, a 66cm diameter mat surface (for bouncing) and an impressive 150kg maximum weight limit. It is also foldable which makes it incredibly easy to store with under the bed storage an option with this product.

The FIT Bounce Pro II has a strong steel frame and features spring loaded legs. The mat area is then supported by 60 connectors. The bungee system is patented by the company and is without a doubt the strongest we have seen – in terms of those strong connectors, 60 is pretty much double what you might see on most other rebounders.

When it comes to build quality, the Bounce Pro II ticks pretty much every box – but what’s it like to actually use?

Well, it’s a joy! It really is.

From the moment you step on this rebounder you know it is high quality. It has a non-slip mat which helps you to feel safe and the level of bounce is conducive to a tough workout rather than sending you 6 feet up in the air – not what you’d want really for an indoor rebounder.

The only real negative about this rebounder is that you have no way of securing yourself as there is no bar to hold on to. This will not matter for most but for those who feel they need the extra support then it might be better to look at a different model or purchase the optional bar add on. Most people looking for a good quality rebounder however will be happy with the design of the Bounce Pro II.

It comes with a handy carry bag which again helps when storing it away.

The size of the landing mat is optimal and when in use the unit is near silent which was perhaps the most unexpected thing we found with it – but this just makes it even more suitable for home workouts.

There are so many benefits to FIT Bounce Pro II rebounder, from rebound therapy for autistic children to beginner friendly cardio. Don’t be fooled though, this will give a grueling workout to even the most advanced of athletes – perhaps why some elite level athletes do indeed use this model. If you are a beginner or just want help to know where to start with a rebounder you do get a workout DVD included which has a great range of exercises for you to follow. It also has a bounce counter so you can keep a track of your progress each time you use it without needing to count or keep track.

If you are looking for a top quality rebounder that will stand the test of time, go easy on your joints but deliver anything from a moderate to tough workout then this is a top choice. It comes with a 3 year warranty on the mat so you really can’t go wrong with this option.

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MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder

MaXimus PRO Folding Rebounder Fitness Trampoline | Voted #1 Indoor Mini Exercise Trampoline For Adults With Bar | Best Home Gym for Fitness & Lose Weight | FREE Storage Bag, Resistance Bands, Awesome ONLINE & DVD Workouts!

Designed and manufactured by the same UK based company as the FIT Bounce Pro II, the MaXimus PRO is another excellent option when it comes to choosing a rebounder. This model is pitched more towards athletes and sports users and as such has a lower maximum user weight of 12kg and is also a bit noisier when in use than our top rated rebounder.

It does however have the same 99cm frame and 66cm jumping area and the same spring loaded collapsible legs. One other key difference with this model is that it can be folded down in to quarters as opposed to the half fold of the Bounce Pro II.

The MaXimus PRO has something for everyone and although the marketing states it can be used by professionals it is perfectly suited for home use – perhaps more so than the Bounce PRO II. The quarter folding design means it can be stored away in the included carry bag very easily – you can also easily transport it somewhere else. It has resistance bands that can be attached to the base of the rebounder which allow you to add some resistance training in to your workout. This means you can really work your core and upper body as well as targeting the lower body when using it more like a trampoline. You also get two 1lb sand weights to use to add additional free weight to any exercise you do.

One really nice touch with this model is the addition of a stability bar – and that will appeal to users who lack confidence or beginners who just want to feel more secure when bouncing. The bar is detachable so you are not committed to using it forever, but some users will find it very reassuring to have it as an option.

The steel legs have rubber foot pads which will prevent markings being made on the floor and the mat is attached to the frame by 32 over sized springs and connectors. These give just the right amount of tension and with the included 2 workout DVDs you will have access to a wide range of exercises right from the off.

Like the other MaXimus model there is no assembly required and as they are a UK company you get access to customer support which may be lacking with some of the other models we have reviewed.

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Jandecfit 40 Inch Rebounder

Jandecfit 40" Silent Mini Fitness Trampoline, Rebounder Trampoline Small Gym Trampoline for Indoor Fitness, Bungee Rope Design System, the Best Choice for Aerobic Exercise,Max Limit 330 lbs

For anyone looking for a decent budget rebounder that isn’t going to break the bank or break after a few uses then Jandecfit do a fantastic range of cheap(ish) rebounders. Like everything in life, you do get what you pay for, so expect some concessions when comparing it to the more premium models that we have listed above – but the Jandecfit range is impressive. One of the picks of the range is the 40 inch Fitness Trampoline – we know because we tested it and it was the one that surprised us the most.

Generally, the Jandecfit rebounder will cost you around the £100 mark. That’s pretty reasonable for something that is so well made and promises a range of home cardio and core strength workouts. It is available in green or red colours (although the red does look more like a pink) and can hold a maximum user weight of 150kg. This puts it on a par with our number one pick for user weight, however there are just the standard 30 attached elastic ropes. This is an important distinction here and where a lot of the cost savings come in – the tension is created by bungee ropes – this makes for an incredibly quiet experience but we do have reservations over prolonged use.

Reservations aside, we found the Jandecfit very enjoyable to use. The 101cm frame and 76cm jumping zone makes it a little bigger than the two models above and whilst this is great when using it, it doesn’t have the folding option for storing it.

You will also need to assemble this product prior to use which is not something you have to do with the MaXimus models. This is not too difficult but it is easier with two people as stretching the bungees can be hard work – so be aware of that prior to purchasing

The rebounder itself feels incredibly secure and the 6 feet feel robust. They also have rubber bottoms which are ideal for grip as well as protecting your floor. The jumping mat is non-slip and it doesn’t mark easily either – meaning it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep it in tip top shape. There is no way of adding extra stability though as there is no bar to hold on to – but the rebounder in use is easy enough to control and doesn’t give too much lift. This makes it ideal for exercise.

All in all, if you are on a budget then this is a great rebounder to buy. However, if you can stretch your budget we’d suggest one of the two models above.

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Maximus Bounce & Burn

Maximus Bounce & Burn Folding Indoor Mini Trampoline Rebounder for Adults. Fun Way to Lose Weight, Stay Healthy & Get FIT! Plus Exercise Workout DVD | Handle Bar & Bounce Counter | New 2021 Model

We are heading back to MaXimus Life products again but this time in the form of the Maximus Bounce and Burn. This is a more cost effective option from the company but it measures up pretty much the same with its 99cm (40 inch) frame. There is a slightly lower maximum weight limit of 120kg with this product but for most users this will not be a limitation.

This model is perhaps better suited to those who are beginners or those who are slightly less active or want less of a challenge. Make no mistake here, no rebounder is going to give you an easy time – it is a tough workout. But this model is designed to be a little more forgiving and also has the all important detachable support bar.

There are 32 powerful springs that attach the jumping mat and this makes for an excellent low impact, high intensity workout. The Bounce & Burn can also be used for core exercises and will give an excellent lower body workout. Like all Maximus products you get access to a DVD and online workouts so you will never be left not knowing what to do when it’s time to work out.

The Bounce & Burn is foldable and also comes with the carry bag and is probably the best value for money rebounder on the market at the time of writing.

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Kanchimi Folding Mini Trampoline

Kanchimi Folding Mini Fitness Indoor Exercise Workout Rebounder Trampoline with Handle, Max Load 150KG(Black Red)

The Kanchimi folding rebounder is another relatively budget friendly mini trampoline that is ideal for cardio and core strength fitness. It does not quite have the same high level of build quality as the Maximus range but it does mimic the premium brand pretty well. If anything, it is similar to the Maximus Pro but available at somewhere between a third and half the cost.

Again, as we have already stated, expect to make a few concessions – but the Kanchimi is a very good cheaper alternative. It has the 40 inch (100cm) frame, it has the same size jumping mat and it features strong steel springs as opposed to bungee ropes that are found on some other cheaper options. It also has a height adjustable stability bar that will help you feel secure while jumping.

We felt there was a little less tension in the Kanchimi springs which did lead to a slightly higher jump. This means the support bar is more likely to be needed for beginner users and those who find balance a challenge. It also means you get a slightly less intense workout as there is a longer pause between reps. The upside of this is that the impact on your joints is pretty minimal and that those new to rebounding will get on well with this model.

The Kanchimi rebounder is completely foldable and it actually folds in to quarters – again, very similar to the Pro. This makes it very easy to store and as the support bar is detachable it really packs away well. You will need to do some minor assembly work when you take delivery of this rebounder but that is easy enough to do and takes around 10 minutes.

All in all, this is a great rebounder. Our only slight concern with it is the availability of an after service with spare parts possibly being hard to come by if needed.

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FIT Bounce Pro XL

MXL MaXimus Life FIT BOUNCE PRO XL Bungee Rebounder,Half Folding Silent&Orthopaedic Quality Indoor Mini Trampoline for Adults&Kids,Exercise DVD,X Large Bounce Area Approved for Rebound&Physiotherapy

The fourth and final rebounder from Maximus Life comes in the form of the FIT Bounce Pro XL. As you might have guessed from the name, this is essentially the FIT Bounce Pro II but in extra large dimensions. That means, more springs (72 in fact), a bigger jumping area and more scope for more exercises.

Of course, because the FIT Bounce Pro XL is larger than the other models it is also the most expensive on our list. However, if the cost was not a factor (or storage) then this would most likely be the out and out best rebounder we tested. Of course, those factors do have to be considered and as such, unless you really have a very good reason for wanting a bigger unit then you might want to consider the Bounce Pro II or the Bounce & Burn models.

The Pro XL measures up at 120cm frame diameter (20cm more) with a mat diameter of 87cm (21cm more). That is a lot of jumping space and makes it a clear leader in terms of overall quality and range of use. It also feels incredible to use. The level of tension in the springs is perfect for aerobic exercise and although it doesn’t come with a stability bar you can buy one as an add on if you wish – most people won’t need this though as the jumping zone is so much bigger.

Like the Pro II, the Pro XL comes with a 3 year warranty on the mat and there is UK based customer support if needed. This model is assembled upon delivery with just the quick lock bolts used for locking the legs in place requiring any attention from you.

There is a maximum weight limit of 150kg so this model is going to be suitable for almost all types of user. It is certified to be used in the home as part of physiotherapy or rebound therapy which also speaks as to the overall craftsmanship of this rebounder and the credential of the company behind it.

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Body Sculpture Aerobic Bouncer

Body Sculpture BB800 Mini Trampoline / Aerobic Bouncer (36") | Fun & Effective Workouts

We round off our list of the best rebounders with a budget option that still packs a good punch. This rebounder is a touch smaller than the other models we tested with a base diameter of 91.4cm (around 9.5cm smaller than the others) and a smaller jumping surface to match. This is still a great option though for anyone who wants a rebounder predominantly for cardio purposes.

The smaller surface area of the Body Sculpture rebounder makes it harder to perform seated exercises or exercises performed while lying down. But for jumping it is ideal.

Body Sculpture is also a UK based company that dates back to the mid 1960s – and that sort of history counts for a fair bit. It also means that if you need support at any point you have a UK based support team to deal with – with replacement parts shipping from the UK and not from half way across the world.

The Body Sculpture rebounder does have a much reduced maximum user weight of 100kg. Again, for many people this will be fine but do be aware that this maximum weight level is in place.

Reviews of this model are generally very positive and we found it to be a perfectly capable mini-trampoline – perhaps better suited for smaller users though. It does not fold, but only weighs 6.4kg and is still pretty easy to store – just not quite so compact for storing as the Maximus models.

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