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MyProtein is one of the leading brands when it comes to whey protein in the UK and it is very well known, so much so that most people who use protein supplementation will have tasted at least one of the MyProtein flavours on offer.

From humble Manchester beginnings, the brand that is part of The Hut Group is now one of the largest supplement producers in Europe and ships worldwide. Since their 2011 acquisition they have developed a huge range of protein flavours – and we decided to put them to the test.

Most people use MyProtein to supplement their protein intake and whilst they do offer a wide range of other products (including a variety of whey proteins) most customers opt for the MyProtein Impact Whey Protein product.

With over 50 flavours to choose from it is hard to know which is the best MyProtein flavour, and with over 10 chocolate flavours alone – it’s hard to know which one to buy even if you know chocolate is your favourite – they differ massively, believe us!

Why Choose MyProtein?

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First of all, it makes sense to discuss whether MyProtein is a good choice in the first place when it comes to managing your protein intake.

After all, there are a number of other manufacturers on the market these days – many of which do a very decent job.

MyProtein is our preferred brand of whey protein for a number of reasons, many of which will come up and be mentioned in our taste tests.

However, there are three main reasons why MyProtein is our preferred choice and it all boils down to consistency, value for money and nutritional value.


We are not talking here about the consistency of the protein shake when it comes to texture (we will cover that as part of each individual flavour), we are talking about consistency from one order to the next.

In the early days of MyProtein there did used to be a level of inconsistency between orders, with some tasting great and others less so – even when it was the same flavour. This is something that has not been as issue for years now with MyProtein and is something that we applaud them for.

This is still an issue for some newer brands which is another reason to stick with the tried and tested.

Value For Money

The cost savings of MyProtein compared to some of the big name (so called) premium brands is huge. MyProtein regularly run promotions that make their products exceptional value for money.

We prefer to buy direct from their website as they have the best deals and their service is second to none.

Nutritional Value

From a nutritional standpoint you simply cannot fault MyProtein products. The Impact Whey protein has a good protein to carbohydrate and fat ratio with around 20g of protein per scoop, 2g of fat and 2g of carbs.

They also include BCAAs and Glutamine which is most welcome. Anyone looking to build muscle can simply take the Impact Whey and add some creatine and that’s all you will need in addition to a protein rich diet (and of course a good workout regime).

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Best MyProtein Flavours

We taste tested all 55 MyProtein flavours and have compiled our top flavours here. Finding and determining the best MyProtein flavour was not an easy undertaking and it has taken us months to come to the conclusions we have.

As avid users of MyProtein as part of our usual daily routines we already had a good idea of our favourites but by taste testing all of them we found some new top choices that we would never have thought to try.

It is worth pointing out that there were also some flavours that we unanimously did not like and we will talk about these too.

Our Top 10 MyProtein Flavours

Chocolate Brownie

Without a doubt, the Chocolate Brownie flavour of MyProtein was the biggest hit among our testers. It had universal approval from all tasters and although many of us aren’t particularly keen on chocolate drinks, this brownie inspired flavour seems to combine chocolate with subtle vanilla tones.

It sounds strange but the flavour and consistency of this shake when mixed with both water or milk is great although we did prefer it with milk.

With 18g of protein per scoop coming from just 98 calories, 1.9g of fat and 2g of carbs, this protein packs a punch. We found that the consistency was smooth and it was easy to digest.

We’d recommend two scoops post-workout for good recovery and you can even mix it in with your overnight oats for a chocolatey breakfast treat if you’re that way inclined – we are and found this to be the best option for drinking on its own and mixing with other ingredients.

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It might seem boring to put the standard vanilla flavour in at number two of our favourite flavours but it’s hard to ignore this classic. It is also easier to compare the flavour of this shake to other brands as most of us have tasted vanilla in a range of other products.

MyProtein seem to have nailed their standard vanilla flavour now after years of refinement and it is one that like the chocolate brownie flavour will work with a range of added ingredients.

We almost went for vanilla as our favourite flavour but our vanity perhaps prevented us as we didn’t want to appear boring. The reality is that if you like vanilla milkshakes then you will love this flavour from MyProtein.

Again, it works well with both water and milk but for the creamy texture you will want to use milk – the taste holds up really well with water though and when mixed in a proper shaker it leaves no lumps.

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Natural Strawberry

Sometimes protein shakes can taste a little unnatural and for anyone who is taking care of their nutrition (which we all should be) and eating clean, natural produce then it becomes easy to spot the flavourings in supplements.

Although the MyProtein range uses good quality ingredients the natural range takes it one step further and utilises completely natural flavourings. The natural strawberry is our favourite of the natural range and has a real freshness to the taste.

There is a slightly higher sugar and fat content in the natural range as a result of using natural ingredients but the natural sugars found here are fine so long as you don’t overdo it.

This natural strawberry flavour shake is smooth in its consistency and actually tastes just as good when mixed with water as it does when mixed with milk. There are 20g of protein per scoop and if you are a fan of strawberry then you are sure to love this flavour.

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Chocolate Coconut

Two flavours that are commonly found in protein shakes although not always together. Unless you are the sort of person who leaves the Bounty until last in a box of Celebrations then you are likely to enjoy this flavour.

We had some serious reservations as to whether this flavour would work in a protein shake but we didn’t just like it, we loved it.

One of the reasons this flavour works so well is that the coconut is not overbearing. There is just enough to taste it and it complements the chocolate flavour really well. This mixes well with both water and milk but does work best with the white stuff in our opinion.

We found no lumps once giving this a good shake and it also works really well with banana if you want to make a healthy protein packed smoothie!

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Summer Fruits

This is one of those flavours that mixes better with water than with milk so if you prefer to not take on the extra fat in your protein shake then summer fruits could be a good choice for you.

Despite the name, it is perfectly drinkable during the winter months just as much as the summer months but the fresh tasting berries that come through will have you dreaming of those beach days.

The only thing we would say with this flavour is that you need a sweet tooth to drink it. It is sweet, but it a good way. It doesn’t taste unnatural but it does taste pretty sweet.

If this is too much for you then we would suggest either mixing it with added ice or even just diluting it down a little and taking on some more water with it.

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Vanilla and Raspberry

No, we haven’t got lazy and added two reviews in one – this is one flavour and it is a combination that works spectacularly. This is more raspberry than vanilla but the vanilla notes certainly pull through but in a subtle way.

You might be forgiven for thinking that this shake would be overly sweet but it is actually pretty well balanced overall.

We preferred this shake mixed with water rather than milk but it does work with both. You will find 21g of protein in each scoop and this shake in particular sat light on our stomachs so anyone who is concerned about digestion might want to consider this shake.

Of course, drinking it with water helps in this regard for most people.

The vanilla and raspberry combination is one that we would perhaps not have tried had it not been for this taste test and as such it is one of the surprise picks and we are glad to have it as part of our top 10 flavours.

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Chocolate Mint

There are two versions of the chocolate mint flavour from MyProtein and we taste tested both of them. One is the Stevia version and the other is without. There was not much between them in terms of taste with the Stevia one tasting slightly sweeter if anything.

Both contain 18g of protein and have added BCAAs and glutamine as standard.

The chocolate mint taste is fairly rich and it works best with milk in our opinion although it is perfectly palatable with water too. The mint gives an added freshness to the overall taste and is likely to help from a digestion point of view.

Some of the other chocolate flavours did leave a sickly aftertaste but this was not apparent with the chocolate mint variant. This was another of our top picks and was universally liked.

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Banana flavoured protein is another of the classic big three flavours and this one did not disappoint either. There are a number of banana flavours available from MyProtein with natural, stevia and chocolate banana all being pretty tasty too.

But our favourite was the standard banana flavour as it seemed to have the perfect balance.

This is a super smooth protein shake and was one of the best consistencies of all the flavours. You will find 20g of protein per serving as well as a good dose of BCAAs and leucine.

If you like banana flavoured milkshakes then we doubt you will be disappointed with this offering from MyProtein.

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Unflavoured may seem like a strange choice to add in our top 10 favourite flavours and perhaps it is something of an oxymoron but it is a good option for those who want to benefit from a whey protein without any added flavourings or additives.

It is unlikely that you would eat or drink this just on its own (although you can and its not unpleasant) but it does provide a good opportunity to mix it with other flavours that can come from fruit for example.

If you make your own smoothies or breakfast cereals or even protein bars then using this unflavoured whey protein is a great option.

You will get 21g of protein per serving and you can mix it with whatever you like to get an added protein boost. Most manufacturers don’t offer an unflavoured version so this is welcome and it is even slightly cheaper than most other flavours too.

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Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream was another of those flavours that we weren’t convinced about prior to tasting. Sure, we’d had protein bars that were cookies and cream and they had been okay – but in shake format we had reservations.

Luckily, those reservations had no founding and we were pleasantly surprised by the smooth flavour of this cookies and cream shake. Again, it had a great consistency, was easily digested and worked great with milk (and a little less so with water).

20g of protein per serving meant that the nutritional value was good and all but one of us in the office said we would happily switch to this flavour as a long term option.

This is pretty sweet and quite rich so if you prefer freshness then one of the fruity flavours might be better suited to you – but if you like cookies and like… well, you know… cream, then you will most likely love this protein shake flavour.

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Our Other Top MyProtein Flavours

Our top ten covered our favourite flavours, but there were others that were certainly worthy of mention and although they didn’t quite have enough to make the cut of the top 10, we would happily recommend them.

They include:

Blueberry – Pretty much what you’d expect. It tastes of blueberry and is fairly sweet. Easy to drink and very digestable. Great with water.

Salted Caramel – This nearly made our top ten just as it is so different. It works though and was a hit among our testers. Works best with milk.

Chocolate Orange – Another top chocolate flavour from MyProtein. If you like the Terry’s version then you’ll probably like this as it is very similar in taste. Works well with milk or water.

Chocolate Peanut Butter – If you like peanut butter and like something a little sweeter then this is a great pick for you. Works well with water but we weren’t so keen with milk.

Natural Chocolate – A great classic chocolate flavour. Really enjoyable and would have made the top 10 list if we hadn’t already picked chocolate brownie. Lovely with milk.

Strawberry Jam Roly-Poly – A classic British pud made in to a protein shake flavour. What’s not to love about that!

Tiramisu – We weren’t as keen on the other coffee flavours but this sweeter version works really well. Great with milk.

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MyProtein Flavours To Avoid

There were some flavours that we just couldn’t stomach. The flavours that made this list were not liked by any of our three taste testers and we are simply going to list them here.

We really would avoid these unless you absolutely love the flavour:

  • Black sesame
  • Cinnamon Dash
  • Liquorice
  • Marzipan
  • Peach Tea
  • Red Bean
  • Matcha Latte

So that concludes our top MyProtein flavour roundup. If you still don’t know which one to buy we’d suggest you head back to our top 10 and just pick one that sounds like your kind of flavour. If you are looking for a long term choice then why not buy three 1kg packs so you can try a few for yourself.

Good luck and enjoy.

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