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Choosing to workout from home is a big decision. Deciding to purchase a home multi gym is an even bigger decision that requires a dedicated space and it is as much a lifestyle choice as anything else.

Choosing a multi gym for home use is not an easy task which is why we have compiled our list of best home multi gyms in the UK to help make the big decision a little easier.

There are so many on the market and if you are looking for something that will stand the test of time and deliver a good all round workout then it will require a fairly significant investment.

That being said, when compared to a monthly gym membership, the cost of owning a home multi gym can be off-set within a couple of years.

Why Choose A Home Multi Gym?

There will be people who will tell you that you don’t need to bother with a home based multi-gym.

Whilst strictly speaking that is true, if you are looking to recreate the options available to you at a commercial gym and you want to really be able to target all your muscles in different ways then it is something that will certainly help.

It is worth also stating that buying a cheap home setup is a bad idea for two reasons. Firstly, it is hardly going to inspire you to workout at home if the equipment is substandard and hard to use.

Secondly, it is often the case that the cheaper options are less durable and suffer mechanical issues. Whilst multi gyms do not have to be overly intricate, by their very nature there is a degree of complexity involved with the cables and moving parts and so looking for one with a good warranty should be a priority.

That being said, there are some really good home multi gyms that do not need to break the bank. We have listed our top options in order of preference but please read the reviews carefully as what works best for one person may not be best for another and we have tried to cover a range of budgets in this buying guide.

All of the products we have reviewed are made by reputable manufacturers and should stand the test of time and repay your initial investment within the first five years of use compared to an average gym membership.

Top Multi Gyms For Home Use

Here are our favourite options for home use. It is worth noting that we would also recommend a good quality bench and at least a few sets of dumbbells of varying weights to ensure you have a good mix of cable and free weigh exercises at your disposal.

DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Gym

DKN Studio 7400 Compact Home Multi Gym 80kg Weight Stack

The DKN Studio 7400 is a relatively budget option when compared to other home gyms but it excels in almost every department.

It has a very decent weight stack of 80kg and has a maximum user weight of 150kg meaning that this multi gym will be usable by almost everyone – even those who are used to lifting heavy weights will find challenge the potential for progressive overload with this machine.

The seat and pads that are included as standard are adjustable and well made, with plenty of comfort to be enjoyed when using the DKN Studio 7400.

We managed to use this exact model 4 times in all and in that time we found our workouts to be comfortable with the mechanics of the pulleys smooth and fluid. There was no sign of sticking plates or wear and tear during our use and all in all it was a pleasurable experience to work out with this unit.

You can perform a wide range of push and pull movements with this home multi gym including lat pull downs, chest press, seated rows, bicep curls, leg extensions and leg curls. It really does offer a full body workout and does so at a reasonable price.

It utilises a double pulley system so there isn’t too much swapping cables or anything annoying like that to switch around between exercises which makes working out at home just as effective as at the gym.

This model measures up at 165cm (l) x 105cm (w) x 210cm (h) which gives it  a relatively small footprint and is potentially suitable for a garage space (always check the height when buying for your garage though).

You get a 2 year warranty from DKN and user reviews from those who have used this model over a longer period of time are incredibly positive.

All in all, for those looking for a high quality home gym without breaking the bank then this is the ideal model.

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Life Fitness G2 Multi Gym

g2 multigym

Life Fitness is one of our favourite UK manufacturers of multi gym equipment and the G2 balances features and affordability really well.

This is a serious piece of kit for those who want to get a really thorough all body workout. This is the only model we tested that comes with the leg press equipment as standard and as such it stands out for that reason.

A generous 73kg weight stack will be plenty for most users and if you need more you can add a further 23kg of weight by purchasing the add on accessory.

The G2 features a unique variable arc press station that puts you in the perfect position for pressing movements and works flawlessly. Included with the G2 is the leg press, lat bar, low row bar and ankle strap and you have the opportunity to perform a range of curls with both the arms and the legs in addition to the pressing movements.

The seat and handles are well made and fully adjustable providing you with a comfortable and challenging workout. At 181cm by 122cm, this corner shaped unit is pretty compact considering what it offers and it is certainly a piece to form the centrepiece of your home gym.

We really like the G2 but appreciate it will be more of a focus for people who really want the leg press.

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Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym

Marcy MD-9010G Home Gym Smith Machine with Weight Bench

The Marcy MD9010G is one of the best all in one home gyms in terms of value for money and functionality. If you do not have any home gym equipment to speak of then this model could give you an all in one solution straight away.

The included moveable bench is a particular favourite feature of ours and this home gym will have you performing a full range of exercises in no time at all.

Marcy have been in the business for over 35 years and are one of the leading players when it comes to high quality affordable home fitness equipment.

The MD9010G can provide you with a full body workout and can be combined with weight plates to provide you with the opportunity to perform free weight exercises as well as the cable based workouts.

The one key difference with this model over many of the others we have reviewed is that it has a built in rack for assisting with barbell bench pressing and squatting. The bench can be completely removed so you make use of the rack for a range of standing based exercises.

There is a 90kg stack for use on upper body and 45kg for use on lower body and you can add more weight using weight plates if you wish.

The adjustable bench means you can workout in incline as well as flat positions and the padding is extremely comfortable.

In fact, when you consider you could easily spend upwards of £250 on a bench of this standard it starts to show the true value for money of this entire package.

You can perform cable crossovers, use the smith machine for pressing or squatting, there is a pec dec system and a leg developer for extensions and curls.

All in all, the exercises you can perform on this home gym kit are extensive and include lat pull downs, seated and bent over rows, shoulder press, chest press, flyes, bicep preacher and cable curls, tricep pushdowns and rope pulldowns and a whole lot more.

Included with this model is a straight bar, lat pulldown bar, rope attachment, V bar, D-handles and ankle strap.

The frame has a lifetime warranty and there is a generous 3 year warranty on the pulley systems, cables and that includes parts and labour. All in all, this Marcy multi gym is a great buy.

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Body-Solid GEXM2000 Multi Gym

Body Solid Multigym

Body Solid have long been one of our favourite manufacturers of top quality gym equipment and this compact GEXM2000 model ticks so many boxes we just had to put it at the top of the list.

It isn’t the cheapest multigym on our list but it also isn’t the most expensive and if you are serious about having a premium home setup then this needs some serious consideration.

The first key selling point of this home gym is that it has an in-home lifetime warranty when you purchase it through our preferred partners using the link below.

It also comes with a massive £800 saving (at the time of writing) making it incredible value for money.

But let’s be honest, all of that would be worthless if this multi gym lacked any punch – but thankfully it is just as good when it comes to performance as it is in price, warranty and its stylish good looks.

The GEXM2000 is a compact home gym that packs a lot of functionality in to a smallish package. Measuring up at 4ft by 5ft in terms of floor space, it will fit in to most smaller rooms in your home and still leave space for a dumbbell rack and any other bits and pieces you might have.

It features an impressive 95kg weights stack that is covered for safety and easily adjusted using the selector pin.

This model allows you to perform lat pull downs, bench press, ab crunches, leg extensions and curls, seated and bent over rows, tricep pull downs, preacher curls, pec flyes and more.

Everything about the GEXM2000 oozes quality from the smooth motion cables to the well made comfortable grips. This is a solid unit and is designed to remain in place once set up. If you did want to move it once installed, good luck, as it weighs a whopping 233kg and is as solid as they come.

There are some additional accessories available if you wanted to extend the functionality of this home gym (such as a leg press attachment) but in truth you can achieve pretty much all of your workout goals with this multi gym alone. We really cannot recommend it enough and the lifetime warranty speaks for itself.

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TuffStuff AXT-225R Home Gym

TuffStuff AXT-225R multigym

TuffStuff Fitness have made a huge name for themselves over the last few decades and are one of the true premium manufacturers of at home gym equipment. The AXT-225R is actually one of our favourite all time multi-gyms and could quite easily have made it to the top of our list.

It is however the most expensive of all the models we reviewed, however we have managed to link you to a whopping £1,300 saving using the link below.

There is a real robust feel to the AXT 225R and it features the unique radius frame design.

With an adjustable seat that is just about the most high-quality we have ever seen, the build quality of every aspect of this TuffStuff multi gym is clear to see. Taking up a floor space of 216cm by 124cm, this model is also pretty considerate in terms of the space needed for it.

In terms of the exercises that can be performed on this gym you will find a lat bar, chest and shoulder press, leg extensions using the low pulley, bicep curls and seated rows among many others.

There is a leg press attachment available but it comes at a hefty price and we’d prefer to opt for the G2 or the Body Solid if you want the leg press functionality at a reasonable price.

Overall, for anyone wanting the highest quality compact home gym setup the TuffStuff AXT 225 is a top option but be prepared to pay big for it.

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Marcy Eclipse HG3000 Compact Home Gym

marcy clipse multigym

The Marcy Eclipse HG3000 is a smaller home multi-gym that is pretty budget friendly. It does face some limitations in terms of the number of exercises you can perform on it but it is still a great option and is half the price of many of the others we reviewed here.

If you are on a tight budget then this is about the best multi gym you can buy for your home without going in to the realm of cheap and tacky.

This certainly doesn’t fall in to that category and being made by Marcy you know you are getting something of quality and will benefit from the 3 year standard warranty and lifetime frame warranty.

The HG3000 needs much less space than its rivals with just 91cm by 172cm of floor space needed and a total height of 210cm meaning it will be easy to fit in most spaces in your home.

One limitation of the HG3000 is that it has a maximum weight stack of 68kg. While this will be fine for many people, more advanced lifters might find this too limiting.

You will find a lat pull down cable (with straight and lat attachments provided), chest press and pec dec, leg extension and preacher curl pad available for use.

The cable attachments are the same 2000lb load bearing quality of the other Marcy models and the overall build quality and comfort provided by the seat pad and arm pad is high quality.

This is a great option for anyone limited on space and/or budget and for most people this will provide an adequate range of exercises even without extra free weights.

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