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We take a look at the best greens powders available in the UK today. Having tested 7 different varieties we have shortlisted it to 5 of the best. Enjoy…

The supplement industry is one of the fastest changing, fasting developing, often best researched industries in the world. It rarely looks the same from one year to the next as companies innovate and research progresses.

However, some things never change. Though we are always finding ever smarter ways to keep ourselves healthy, there is no getting away from the basics. Here, we are talking about whole fruits and vegetables, without adequate quantities of which no supplement will keep you well.

They give us the micronutrients our bodies need to optimally maintain themselves. They give you lots of fibre, as well as plenty of high-quality macronutrients. They give you phytochemicals and antioxidants.

You need plenty of fruit and veg to keep yourself fit and healthy. Without them, your progression in the gym will be sorely limited and your defence against pretty much every disease and ailment going will disappear.

However, plenty of people struggle to get adequate quantities into their daily diets. This is understandable in a way. Processed food dominates society. Fruit and veg can sometimes take a little preparation or preplanning, making it often incompatible with modern life.

Plenty of people are still as childish about them – fruit and veg can be slightly uninspiring and off-putting to those used to a diet of sugary, salty, fatty and convenient junk foods.

We should all try to resist these tendencies. We should all try to get as much fruit and veg in our diets as possible. Fill your dinner plate with as much veg as you can manage. Snack on fruit through the day.

However, if you struggle with all of this, there are things you can do. If you manage all of this, there are ways to optimise further.

Supplementation has your back. Greens powders have your back. They represent a perfect way to bring in plenty of health-giving nutrients and fibers from some of the greatest super foods (and some of the humblest, yet potent, sources) going.

They are relatively inexpensive and can give you some of the most profound health benefits available through supplementation.

Greens powders

Green powders are pretty straightforward. They are simply powders made from blended greens – vegetables, fruits, grains, grasses, and so on. You mix them in with your drink of choice – water, juice, protein shake, however you want to take it – and down it once daily for everything your body needs to optimise health and fitness.

Some greens powders come plain – as in unflavoured. This gives you a little more versatility. Others come flavoured, with natural sweeteners designed to disguise the otherwise quite grassy taste you get with blended greens.

As we’ll see below, there are plenty of health benefits to be gained from taking greens powders every day. These include improving weight loss, improving gut and digestive health, giving you more energy, and improving your immune function.

There is little you can do to immediately improve almost every aspect of your health and fitness as taking a greens powder. We’ve brought together five of the top greens powders going to help set you on the right track.

Our Top 5 Greens Powders

With so many greens powders available, it is hard to know which to buy, so we made it our mission to find the best greens powders available in the UK today. After testing 7 different blends, here are our top 5.

Hux Superfood Blend

Hux Greens Powder label

Hux Health are newcomers to the market. They are a UK-based supplement company who have only emerged in the last little while. They manufacture and sell two main products, one of which is their Superfood Blend, a really, really high-quality greens powder.

Hux Superfood Blend is a blend of 20 different plant-based ingredients. This is middling – I’ve seen some powders that give you just five or six, some that go beyond 70.

For me, 20 is a bit of a sweet spot. The whole formula is designed and mixed for optimal vitamin and mineral intake, maintaining a broad range of fruit, veg, and grains.

The supplement industry can be a funny beast. You can find supplements out there that cost as much per month as the payments on your car’s lease. You can pick others up at your local pharmacist for a couple of quid. I always prefer the latter – not because I’m a cheapskate, but because I like to see everybody having access to good, quality nutrition.

This is one of the things I love about Hux Health. They bring decent supplements to the market that your average consumer can afford pretty comfortably.

A pack is about half the price of Athletic Greens, a heavy hitter in the greens powder sector, when you go with a subscription. You get fewer servings per pack, at 20, but this still comes out at around 65% of the price per serving you get with Athletic Greens.

And this saving doesn’t seem to be in any way down to cuts in quality. Far from it. The 20 ingredients are stellar, giving you all the greens you could ever need, packed full of antioxidants, adaptogens, phytochemicals, nutrients and enzymes.

You also get a good hit of 13g of plant-based protein with each serving, with all 9 essential amino acids in there.

This may tempt you to throw it in with your protein shake. I wouldn’t. The bloat from taking a greens powder together with something like soy or whey protein will be unpleasant – space it out a bit for your stomach’s sake!

Ingredients included in that 20-strong list include old favourites like brown rice protein, acai berry, goji berry, spirulina, spinach, kale and ashwagandha.

This will ensure that you get all the benefits you’re looking for with a greens powder. Hux Health claim that you should be able to see a difference after just three days, which I can well believe.

Hux Superfood Blend comes plain and unflavoured or vanilla flavoured. I prefer the plain, but it’s up to you. There isn’t a difference in health terms with the exception that the vanilla flavour includes a natural sweetener.

Either way, you are in excellent hands with Hux Superfood greens powder – you gut and wallet will thank you for using it.

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SuperGreen Tonik

3 bottles of Supergreen tonik

SuperGreen Tonik is one of the biggest greens powders out there. It also has a great story behind it. CEO Adam Wright is a former triathlete who was suffering with chronic fatigue. He couldn’t find a proper way to treat it, so created a super greens powder that could help him overcome his health concerns.

And so – SuperGreen Tonik was born. A blend of 38 ingredients, it contains a wide range of different superfoods alongside plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Each serving contains 11.5g of fully transparent blends – there is nothing proprietary, so you can see exactly what you are getting with each serving, as well as how much.

I respect this more than just about anything in the supplements industry.

That exhaustive list contains superfoods like spirulina, spinach leaf, bacopa leaf, barley grass, and ashwagandha. Everything is blended for optimal physical and mental health. You get a dedicated list of nootropic ingredients, too, so it should keep your cognitive health and function working near optimally.

You can choose between mint and berry. I’m not too big a fan of the berry, but this is purely personal. I found the mint to be lovely – crisp, refreshing, incredibly palatable, it was a genuine pleasure to drink.

You should find greatly improved energy levels and focus with SuperGreen Tonik. The gut health benefits are perhaps less profound than other super greens offer, but this is the trade-off for including such good nootropics. It is also very relative – your gut will still be far better off for taking it.

They are based in the US but ship worldwide, so as long as you don’t mind working in dollars you will be fine getting it wherever you are.

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Athletic Greens AG-1

AG1 packaging

You can’t realistically make a list about the top-quality greens powders on the market without touching on Athletic Greens AG-1. It’s one of the biggest names in the sector and comes with some almost obnoxiously good celebrity endorsements (Lewis Hamilton and Tim Ferriss have both given it the thumbs up).

AG-1 also does something I really like…

Every other supplement company seems to spin out several variations on their core supplements. This is generally a little bit silly, with tiny little tweaks allowing them to claim different results and aim them at different demographics. AG-1 doesn’t do this. It is what it is – it’s great, good for everyone, and should make a good show of itself in a great many different contexts.

It’s keto friendly, paleo friendly, completely vegan, and is made from all-natural ingredients.

It’s one of the best products on the market. However, you do pay handsomely for it. It’s one of the most expensive supplements I know of. You get what you pay for – it’s highly costed, not overpriced – but you will need to take a deep breath when checking out.

A serving comes in at 12g. This is made from one of the most exhaustive ingredients lists I’ve ever seen. Altogether, though, they combine to give you good helpings of 16 vitamins, 12 minerals, and 3 probiotics.

19 whole food sources collectively give you 22 adaptogens. You get a large dose of probiotics too, meaning that you should be able to maintain a healthy gut and digestive system with it.

Ingredients include organic wheat grass, rose hip, lecithin, organic spirulina, beetroot powder, spinach leaf powder, and, of course, ashwagandha. A lot of stuff is hidden in proprietary blends, though there is still decent information on these to be found on their website.

Athletic Greens is quite tasty. It’s sweetened using natural stevia, which cuts through the natural grassiness that a lot of greens powders can bring to the table.

With Athletic Greens, you really are investing in quality and variety. The dizzying array of ingredients is superb and everything is formulated and combined perfectly. It will set you back a lot, which makes me reticent to recommend it across the board and is why it is placed in position 3 on our list.

However, if money isn’t an objection and you’re looking for something from the top shelf, this is the one for you.

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Total Nutri Greens Plus

Total Nutri Greens Plus package

Total Nutri Greens Plus is MyProtein’s entry onto this list. And it sort of does what you would expect of a MyProtein product.

It is decent, but without the full, well-rounded nature of other greens powder’s ingredients list; it’s cheap, but without being in any way sub-par. It is a great option for the affordable end of the market, but it still does what you need it to do.

There are no frills. However, a single package should last you around three months whilst setting you back less than forty quid. Each serving is on the low side, but it’s still a workable amount. And if you want more, you can double up and still be paying a fraction of what you would for AG-1.

It’s fair to say that each serving is still robust. You get a blend of 35 different superfood extracts in Total Nutri Greens Plus.

These include old faithfuls like spirulina, kale, chlorella, wheatgrass, broccoli, and green tea extract. Though the nootropic element is a little lower than others’ blends, that green tea will still go a long way to improving cognitive energy.

There is a wide range of vitamins and minerals delivered with each serving. You also get Bioperine and DigeZyme, enzyme complexes designed to aid nutrient absorption and improve gut health. It’s actually really quite clever in its own straightforward way.

There are no flavours available. This suits me well enough. I like to blend my super greens in with fruit smoothies. You get a bit of a grassy undertone, but it’s still pretty nice.

However, for those who like to mix their powders with simple water, MyProtein’s offering may not be the nicest. I would suggest mixing something else in – a nicely flavoured creatine or BCAA powder would do the trick.

You may not get as profound a set of benefits – or the benefits may be slightly less noticeable – than with higher-quality options. However, for a decent injection of goodness into your diet for less than 30 pence per serving, you cannot argue.

MyProtein have done what they do – brought a good, basic, usable product to market that proves available to all comers. I fully respect this product.

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Naturelo Raw Greens

Naturelo Raw Greens bottle

Let’s end on a big one. Naturelo are fantastic. They are amongst my favourite natural supplements, with everything they make made from high-quality ingredients from whole, real food sources.

They don’t use any unnecessary fillers or additives, meaning that every time you take one of their supplements, you are getting everything you need, no more, and nothing nasty.

They have a very, very broad catalogue. So much so that I’ve used a few of their products in the past and I’ve still barely scratched the surface. I would urge anyone to have a browse of their product lines – there is a lot to choose from and some of it may be just what you’re looking for.

For me, though, there is little that can compete with their Raw Greens, a greens powder supplement of rare quality. They use some of the best ingredients I’ve ever seen in a greens powder’s list.

Each serving gives you a modest 8g, so you may want to double up (though 8g may be enough for many of us.)

My one niggle is that they use proprietary blends. Without this fact, this list may have been a one-entry affair. Because of it, I can’t in good conscious claim that they are better than anything else on this list. We simply can’t know how much of each ingredient is included in each serving. We therefore can’t know for sure how much good it will do you.

The blends are quite exhaustive. You get the main greens blend, alongside a fiber blend, an anti-aging blend, an immunity blend, an energy blend, an anti-stress blend, and a probiotic and digestive enzyme blend.

This is a lot. And you can see how they manage it with some of the standout ingredients they use. For example, you should have plenty of energy and lower stress levels with the ashwagandha, maca root and nettle leaf, all common nootropic ingredients.

You also get barley and wheat grass, spinach, spirulina, broccoli, and some fantastically rich food sources like rose hips, acai berry, liquorice root, and a potent probiotic blend that gives you 15 billion CFU.

It’s a genuinely impressive greens powder that I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to anyone and everyone. No matter the reason you’re thinking of investing in a greens powder, this will hit the spot. It’s one of the best greens powders available. With a touch more transparency, it could top the market quite easily.

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Benefits of Greens Powders

As above, there are a great many incredibly profound benefits to be gained from taking Greens Powders. An exhaustive list – which this comes close to being – should be more than enough to convince you to try them out. There really are few supplements I can think of that can give you so much.

Immune Function

Vitamins and minerals are vital for supporting a healthy immune system. Vitamins like A, C and D and minerals like iron and zinc play massive roles in keeping you free from illness and disease.

You need to get your recommended daily intake. Doing so will keep your immune function fully optimised, meaning you’ll be ready for anything. However, few people do get enough.

Greens powders are a fantastic option for redressing this imbalance, for getting in all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. They will give you everything you need from complete food sources, with everything fully utilisable and unmodified from its natural chemical state.

Energy levels

You can’t run a car on fumes. This is an apt metaphor for trying to run your body without fruits and vegetables. You’ll get by for a bit, but eventually you will grind to a halt.

This is because fruits and vegetables, and the vitamins, minerals, and compounds they deliver, are crucial to healthy metabolism, energy generation, and slow release energy creation.

By including greens powders in your diet, you will have far more longer-lasting energy.

Fatigue and attention

Fruit and veg do more than simply boost your immune function. They keep you switched on. High intake is key to maintaining good brain health. Greens powders will help here. They often go a bit further, however.

Greens powders often include ingredients that produce nootropic effects in your brain. They can give you greater mental clarity, with less fatigue, less brain fog, and more energy and precision in your thinking.

Gut health

A large part of the reason that greens are so good for us is that they help us to maintain healthy gut bacteria. They deliver plenty of probiotics and keep our microbiomes in good shape.

This is profound. It will underpin most of the positive effects in this list whilst also maintaining hormonal balance and aiding nutrient absorption into the body, among other things.

Digestive health

This leads on from improved gut health – a healthy gut forms a cornerstone of healthy digestion. The probiotics delivered by greens powders will help to keep your entire digestive tract healthy.

Greens powders are also inherently rich in fibre. Fibre bulks out stools, making them easier to pass and allowing you to far more fully expel any waste.

Stress and mental wellbeing

Most greens powders – certainly most of the ones that made it into our list – contain adaptogens. Ashwagandha is perhaps the prime ingredient here, though plenty of fruits and vegetables deliver them to a certain degree.

These help the body to adapt to stress and trauma. In turn, this allows you to keep stress and anxiety levels low. Pair this with the improved energy they deliver and you have a handy tool to fight depression, too.

Inflammation reduction

Most fruit and veg has anti-inflammatory properties. They contain plenty of antioxidants that can help to fight inflammation and thus the signs of ageing and the free radical damage that can lead to common chronic health conditions.

Inflammation also plays a large role in many mental health concerns, such as stress and anxiety. Fighting it will help you to fight them, playing into the improved mental wellbeing mentioned above.

Some fruit and veg contains antioxidants in abundance – think superfoods like blueberries. These generally make it into greens powders in one form or another.

Serious and chronic disease management

Because of all of this – especially the adaptogenic, anti-inflammatory properties found in fruits and vegetables – greens powders can keep you safe from many chronic diseases. It will greatly decrease your risk of plenty of them.

This includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ageing concerns like neurodegeneration (dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.) and arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and many types of cancer, to name just a few.

Our verdict

It’s hard to choose between the items on this list. To be honest, if you leave out MyProtein and Hux Health, everything will be high-end, ridiculous quality, capable of exceeding expectations in every way.

If you only look at My Protein and Hux Health, you will be getting something that definitely exceeds expectations by giving you a middle to high-end product at incredibly reasonable, affordable prices.

It’s hard to misstep. It really is.

This being said, there are a couple of standout products for me. Firstly, I would recommend Naturelo Raw Greens. It’s one of the most comprehensive, intelligently combined supplements you will find. As above, if they didn’t hide behind proprietary blends, it would be the winner by a clear margin.

They do, though, so it isn’t.

My best greens powder has to be Hux Superfood Blend. To put out a high-quality super greens is one thing. To do so whilst making it available without your average consumer having to break a sweat is something else, and I’m a sucker for a bargain.

If you want a mix of value and quality, it has to be Hux.

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