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If you’re working hard on your fitness and diet, you’ll want the best fat burners that mean business. Start hitting those targets. Here are our rigorously researched, tested, and recommended fat burners.

Fat burners are a great tool to have in your weight loss arsenal, and the best fat burners can really help when looking to lower that body fat percentage.

They are far from the be all and end all though. You need a calorie deficit with appropriate macronutrient intake, intaking less calories than you are burning, in order to maintain long-term weight loss. Couple this with a healthy, active lifestyle and you should achieve your weight loss goals.

Then, when your house is in order, you can reach for the supplements.

They won’t cause weight loss in themselves. They are supplements, designed to supplement an already healthy and appropriate nutrition plan.

And there are some fantastic fat burning supplements out there if you’re looking to optimise your metabolic health, helping you to burn more fat, maintain your energy levels through a cut, make the deficit easier to hold to, and in general make the process of shedding bodyweight more efficient and bearable.

Thermogenic fat burners are the crème de la crème of the weight loss supplement world. They can increase your fat burning potential, maximise your calorie deficit to its full potential, and give you plenty of energy by helping you to metabolise your body’s energy store.

If you’re looking to lose weight, I would recommend you look into them – a good fat burner will give you that last bit of oomph that your body needs.

Today, I want to run through some of my favourite fat burners available in the UK. These are all products that I’ve tested, lived with, and completely fallen for.

Our Best 3 UK Fat Burners

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Natural Thermogenic Fat Burners

Fat burners elicit boosted rates of natural thermogenesis – they increase your body heat and help you burn more fat. They do this through a combination of natural, well-known ingredients, pretty much all of which we will see in the list below.

These fat burners have been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss.

Most don’t stop here, however. Thermogenesis uses up more body fat by burning it up as energy. Thus, thermogenic fat burners will help to improve your overall energy levels simply by making your energy reserves more accessible.

Many will also include other functions, too, all designed to make your weight loss journey more manageable and pleasant.

Plenty of fat burners will contain some form of appetite suppressing compound. This will make it far easier to work a calorie deficit into your eating plan. This will often be in the form of good-quality fibre, which will help to keep your digestive health in check.

Others will include extra little kicks to your energy levels – caffeine, guarana, tea, that kind of thing. They will boost your energy whilst often also targeting cognitive function. Calorie deficits are notorious for giving you brain fog and lethargy, so this is always a welcome addition.

Some are aimed at athletes, others at regular dieters, some at men, some at women. There are plenty.

However, they all share the same basic DNA – they will all help you to burn more fat and be more energetic through a calorie deficit.

Our Top Fat Burners

This is a fantastic list with some of the best fat burners from some of the best supplement companies going. Any one of them will help you to lose weight whilst keeping your energy levels up, and all are available to buy in the UK.

Without further ado, let’s take a look.

PhenQ Fat Burner

PhenQ Pills

I want to kick things off with one of my all-time favourite supplements. PhenQ is genuinely fantastic. A relative newcomer, it nevertheless packs a hard punch in the world of fat burners for the UK market.

The manufacturers make the claim that PhenQ represents five forms of weight loss supplement in one. This is pretty accurate – the design is clever, everything works in concert with everything else, and it keeps multiple systems working optimally to keep you on track with your dietary goals.

This multi-pronged approach isn’t particularly new. There are plenty of 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 type supplements out there. Most fat burners serve multiple purposes. However, the elegance with which the PhenQ formula has been put together puts it almost into a class of its own.

PhenQ works as an appetite suppressant whilst simultaneously optimising your body’s metabolic rate. So far, so good, so normal. Most good fat burners do this.

However, PhenQ also inhibits your body’s creation of new fat. It has been shown to improve your mood. It also gives you a great energy boost.

phenq back of bottle

It does everything a fat burner could, all in one serving, and focuses on both the mental and physical side of losing weight.

PhenQ’s formula is fully evidence-based, having been rigorously analysed, with a wealth of academic work underpinning each ingredient. This is less standard practice than you might hope – plenty of supplements out there don’t perform this kind of due diligence.

The formula is also very finely balanced, well mixed, and well dosed. Ingredients include healthy helpings of caffeine, capsicum powder, and the amino acid l-carnitine fumarate. You get nopal cactus, a fantastically healthy form of fibre, as well as chromium picolinate, which will help your body to break down fats more effectively.

PhenQ is far from the cheapest supplement you will ever find. However, you get what you pay for. It’s a solid, elegantly made, top-shelf fat burner that should work well for everyone following a calorie deficit and really does deliver in terms of results.

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TrimTone (For Women)

trimtone front of bottle

I’m going to slip into a rant I like to have every so often with our next offering. TrimTone is aimed at women. Fair enough. There are plenty of supplements that are aimed at either sex, for a variety of reasons. We’ll see a couple more as we go along with this list.

However, this strikes me as simple branding. It wants women to think it is better for them than its competitors, simply because it is aimed at them.

There is very little in the formula, if anything at all, that I can see that would make it more appropriate for women than men.

This isn’t a bad thing. TrimTone is appropriate for both men and women because it is a genuinely brilliant fat burning supplement. It will work very well for anyone – and I mean anyone.

If you’re a man and you like the look of the formula, as I am and as I do, then go for it – you will benefit a great deal from using it in your diet!

TrimTone is, of course, aimed at eliciting improved rates of thermogenesis. It will also aid with satiation, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, whilst keeping your energy levels high. With this in mind, it delivers a good dose of caffeine, which will achieve satiation and an energy increase.

For satiation, TrimTone leans on one of my favourite ingredients – the dietary fibre glucomannan. You will see glucomannan in plenty of dietary support supplements. As a fibre, it aids in satiation and slowing down energy release from food. It also helps you to maintain good digestive health.

Glucomannan also has proven benefits for maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These are all healthy benefits in themselves. They are also all closely linked with weight loss.

It doesn’t end here, though. TrimTone also includes another favourite of mine, Aframomum Melegueta, aka Grains of Paradise. Grains of Paradise is a herb with well documented thermogenic properties. It is related to ginger and comes with a lovely, peppery, quite citrus-like taste – I have used it in cooking and really enjoyed it.

However, Grains of Paradise is far easier to take regularly as a supplement, where it helps to even out hunger and blood sugar levels, improves insulin sensitivity, boosts your mood and energy levels, and activates brown adipose tissue.

Brown adipose tissue is exactly the kind of fat we are trying to get rid of through calorie deficits, so this is a perfect inclusion.

You also get a good amount of green tea and green coffee, which are rich in antioxidants and fat-fighting plant compounds.

It’s a great choice for anyone – women and men alike!

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PrimeShred (For Men)

primeshred bottle

Here we come up against the same problem as with TrimTone. PrimeShred is an amazing supplement, worthwhile for anyone, of any sex or gender, looking to lose a few pounds whilst keeping energy levels high and hunger pangs stable and small.

There is nothing I can see in the ingredients list that would make it anything other than fantastic for women.

And it is fantastic.

PrimeShred have gone for a great 3-in-1 approach with their formula. It is innovative in a fantastic way, using methods that would never occur to me, but that I respect enormously.

It is a good thermogenic fat burner, boosting your metabolism to keep it optimised for weight loss. It can also activate certain hormones known to help break down stubborn body fat.

The third prong is my favourite, though. PrimeShred delivers cognitive enhancement, boosting brain health and mood when you need it the most. Calorie deficits are known for their brain fog, as we have seen.

PrimeShred contains some of the best nootropics going. Nootropics are smart drugs, in short, aimed at improving cognitive function and health, improving your mood, and, in this context, shoring up your willpower and motivation.

PrimeShred will keep you alert, focused and cognitively switched on even as it helps you to make the most of your calorie deficit.

It contains plenty of the ingredients we have already seen and would always expect to see. It relies on caffeine, green coffee, black pepper, and cayenne pepper to form a solid, thermogenic, energy giving bedrock.

These alone would do a good job of getting you where you need to go. It also contains 250 mg of l-theanine and 250 mg of Rhodiola Rosea Root, both of which aid in optimising your metabolic rate and burning through fat.

However, it’s what comes next that makes PrimeShred so special. It includes 150 mg of dimethylaminoethanol (DAME). This will increase your acetylcholine levels. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter, high levels of which have been associated with improved mental performance and brain health.

As with any good supplement, you pay for what you get. PrimeShred isn’t cheap.

However, they make it far more viable and affordable with a 100-day money back guarantee. You get a no-questions refund if it isn’t working for you. They also offer decent bulk discounts.

I would buy a single bottle to see if it works. If it doesn’t, send it back, no worries. If it does, buy in bulk and save yourself some cash.

You’ll be getting one of the best diet aids going. Again, no matter your gender.

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BrutalForce CCUT

CCUT by BrutalForce

BrutalForce’s CCUT is another entirely natural fat burner. However, much like PrimShred, it has a bit of a twist.

In this case, CCUT’s twist is aimed mostly at bodybuilders and strength athletes. It is designed to mimic the effects of the potent anabolic steroid clenbuterol.

Clenbuterol is generally used in the untested bodybuilding world, where competitors abuse it to run successful recomposition periods – losing fat whilst building new, lean muscle mass.

Clenbuterol is actually meant to be used as a treatment for asthma. It is illicit for athletic use and comes with a series of side effects, including mood swings, anxiety, and insomnia, as well as muscle cramps, heart palpitations, and even cardiac arrest. Using it for anything other than its intended medical purpose, under medical supervision, is completely foolish.

The natural, safe steroid and SARM market is booming, therefore. Companies like BrutalForce offer natural compounds that seek to mimic some of the benefits of harder drugs, with none of the side effects, in a completely legal, competition-appropriate manner. With CCUT, BrutalForce have made their mark in this burgeoning market.

CCUT is pretty wonderful in this regard.

It uses a blend of herbal extracts, natural stimulants, and vitamins to allow for muscle retention and improved fat burning. It features guarana seed extract, bitter orange fruit extract, Griffonia seed extract and vitamin B3.

These all come together, working in concert, to boost your metabolic rate whilst hampering your body’s ability to create new fat.

CCUT can also work as an appetite suppressant.

You won’t get the same results as clenbuterol can bring. Of course you can’t. Nothing will be as profound as a steroid. You will see fewer gains, slower weight loss, and will have to work harder and eat cleaner than you would on it.

However, CCUT is completely safe and legal and works incredibly well for a natural formula.

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Hunter Burn

hunter burn

Hunter Burn, our next offering, seems to want to position itself for a certain type of person. It is high-octane, adrenaline filled, hyper masculine… or so its marketers would have you believe. Fair enough – it’s from a company called Roar Ambition, after all.

But what lies behind the hype? Honestly, a fantastic fat burner.

It is targeted at men. However, like everything on this list, it is suitable for anyone. Beneficial for anyone, in fact. Anybody living an active lifestyle, looking to shed some body fat, who is maintaining a decent calorie deficit, stands to benefit a great deal from using it.

Roar Ambition charge a premium fee for their product. They seem as overconfident as you might expect from a company with their name.

However, this confidence is fully earned. The price tag is actually quite reasonable for what you get.

Hunter Burn’s formula contains generous doses of the kind of high-quality ingredients you would want to see in a top-shelf fat burner.

You get matcha tea, konjac root, cayenne pepper, l-theanine, and vitamin D3. These all come together to ramp up your metabolic rate with a slow-burning, profound yet soothing energy boost.

Hunter Burn contains no stimulants, which is rare for this kind of product. There is no caffeine, no guarana, no tea (other than matcha, which doesn’t really count).

I like a caffeinated fat burner. However, I also like a strong cup of coffee. Therefore, it’s quite nice to have the option to take a fat burner without having to cut down my coffee consumption.

Caffeine is also unsuitable for many people, for many different reasons. Having the option to go without, whilst still being able to rely on such a good formula, is fantastic.

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Phen24 Fat Burner

Phen24 bottles

We began this list with one of my favourite supplements of all time. I want to end with one, too. This time, it’s Phen24, one of the cleverest fat burners around.

You get two pills with Phen24.

The first is a little different from anything else on this list. It is a high-quality fat burner packed with all the kinds of ingredients you would expect, properly dosed and intelligently combined. It should optimise your metabolic health, inhibit new fat cell creation, give you a decent energy boost, and all in all make your calorie deficit more effective and easier to maintain.

This pill uses common ingredients like guarana and caffeine mixed with micronutrients like iodine, copper, and zinc. These should help to keep your metabolism high, give you more energy, and boost testosterone levels, among other things.

This is the daytime pill.

Then there is the night time pill. It isn’t a fat burner per se – you don’t want high energy and metabolic levels when you’re trying to sleep, after all.

However, it contains glucomannan, which should keep you from getting hunger pangs during the night whilst aiding healthy digestion. It also contains ingredients like ascorbic acid, chromium, plyridoxine HDL, and thiamine, all of which are known to normalise metabolic health whilst keeping your body relaxed.

All told, Phen24 is a great supplement. It can be a little fiddly remembering to take the right pills at the right time, but the results are fantastic.

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This is an incredibly strong list. As such, it is kind of hard to judge. There is something here for everyone, and everything will do a good job for anyone looking to lose weight and make their calorie deficit more efficient and bearable. They all share similar DNA – they all have plenty of ingredients in common.

The icing on the cake differs, though. For instance, if you want something that is low stimulation, without much caffeine, Hunter Burn is a solid option.

If you want 24-hour protection, with no night time cravings and a decent daytime metabolism, you can’t do better than Phen24.

Then, for simple high quality, you have options like PhenQ and TrimTone.

Bodybuilders might be tempted by Brutal Force’s CCUT, receiving many of the benefits afforded by steroids with none of the side effects. Good. They should go for it – CCUT is terrific.

I personally favour PrimeShred, however, despite my praise for PhenQ and Phen24. It gives you everything you need of a solid thermogenic fat burner, putting it shoulder to shoulder with the rest of this list.

But I’m a sucker for a good nootropic. The cognitive enhancement is hard to beat when you might otherwise be dealing with brain fog and willpower issues.

It’s only by a whisker, but PrimeShred wins for me.

Common ingredients you will find in fat burners

There are some common ingredients that you will see time and time again in the list above. They are proven, trusted compounds that will go a long way to helping you lose weight, whatever their effect or method.

As above, there are plenty of uses to which a fat burner can be put, and they all have their place within this range.

You will often see some form of protein – amino acids. They are central to retaining muscle mass and burning extra fat. You will need a good amount of protein in your diet as you lose weight, especially if you live an active lifestyle.

Protein is slow-digesting, so keeps you well-satiated for longer than carbohydrates will. As the energy is parcelled out over this longer timeframe, you will also experience fewer peaks and crashes. I would always recommend people use a fat burner with amino acids included as well as making the most of a good whey or soya protein powder.

You’ll also often see some form of stimulant. This is typically caffeine, which you will often get in your regular diet through coffee, tea, and perhaps chocolate. It is a great inclusion in any thermogenic fat burner.

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, it is a great thermogenic ingredient in and of itself. It goes a long way to optimising your metabolic rate. It can also induce your body to burn fat over lean body mass (muscle).

Secondly, and perhaps more obviously, it gives you a good energy boost. It can cut through the brain fog often involved in a calorie deficit.

Green tea extract is also often included, in large part for its caffeine content. However, it also delivers a lot of polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate. This can help you to burn through energy more efficiently – in fact, you can end up chewing through an extra 80 daily calories with regular hits of green tea.

Fibre is important, too. I don’t rule out fat burners without it, but I always prefer to see it. It absorbs water in the digestive tract. This in turn bulks out your stools and keeps your digestive health on point. Bathroom trips can be inconsistent on a calorie restricted diet, so this is all very useful.

Fibre is also a great, healthy appetite suppressant. It increases your levels of hormones like PYY and GLP-1, which make you feel fuller, and decreases your levels of the hormone ghrelin, which makes you feel hungry. It slows down digestion and nutrient release, keeping your energy levels high and stopping any peaks or crashes.

These are just a few of the more common ingredients. You’ll often see other stimulants and thermogenic compounds like capsicum, guarana, and any number of others. However, these are your key ingredients. With these in place, you should already be onto a winner!

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