Fitness Push aims to be ‘the’ trusted online space for honest plain speaking reviews for everything health, fitness and nutrition.

Made up of a small team of passionate fitness enthusiasts and nutrition experts, we look to bring our knowledge, knowhow and experience of the fitness industry to the masses through a series of buying guides and product reviews. We will also look to bring you nutritional information to help you hit all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

We have a range of ages and both men and women in our team and often our reviews (and especially our buying guides) are written as team collaborations. We find that fitness can be such a subjective industry and one person’s favourite piece of equipment in one category may be another’s least favourite. We also understand that different age groups, body types and genders will want different things. Not to mention whatever your fitness goal is having an impact on what is right for you!

Our reviews will often include affiliate links to the product we are reviewing. There is nothing sinister in this and we use these links to try and provide you with a best price and provide us with commission that helps fund our website. Sometimes we are offered products for testing purposes but more often we buy them and keep them which of course can be costly. We never accept products in return for more favourable reviews and all our reviews are completely independent.

We do not accept paid advertising or sponsored editorials so you can be sure that everything you read here at Fitness Push has been written without bias.

We are a UK based team and write predominantly for a UK audience but we of course welcome our overseas readers. You are all welcome at Fitness Push and we look forward to helping give you the push to either buy the right product for you or to kick start your healthier lifestyle.

Meet Our Content Team

James Dixon - Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
James Dixon Author PicJames is one of the lead writers for Fitness Push and is a fully qualified personal trainer and an award-winning writer. He has a wealth of experience in the health and fitness industry and has an impressive collection of writing credits to his name. He has been quoted in Toms Guide, MSN, Yahoo and The Metro giving fitness advice and is a keen advocate for mental and physical health.
Jason M - Editor In Chief
Jason started Fitness Push as a passion project, firstly to learn more about his own physical and mental health journey, and then decided to share it with others. He now contributes towards quality control process for our reviews, has a general oversight of all content and occasionally writes content for us too. In his spare time, Jason can either be found at the Gym, playing or watching netball or travelling.
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